Referral Program

Do you want to earn a referral award?

Wanted : Talent

How can I participate?

1.If you use Workday, please submit your referral in Workday via the  Career Worklet – Refer a candidate

2.You can also submit your referral by sending or giving the name and contact details of the  candidate to the local Human Resources Manager

Do you have any questions? Contact your HR department.


Who can participate?

  • All TIP employees who are on active payroll  at the time of the referral and on the referral  pay-out dates
  • Exceptions: Senior Leadership and Regional  Leadership members, Human Resources and  hiring managers and employees directly  involved in the hiring process of an open  position to which they are referring an  individual

Payment process

  • The referral bonus will be gross and paid through payroll (taxable income)
  • In the case of duplicate referrals, the first referral submitted, will be the one processed for payment (no split-fee)

Payment conditions

50% of the referral payment will be paid with  the first payroll after the candidate has started,  and 50% after 6 months under the following  conditions:

  • The TIP employee submitting the referral should be on active payroll at the time of the referral and the referral pay-out date
  • The contingent worker submitting the referral should be working for TIP at the time of the referral and pay-out date
  • The employment contract of the referred candidate has not been terminated or is not in the process of being terminated


Candidates that cannot be recommended as a referral:

  1. A current contractor, temporary  employee, intern/apprentice 
  2. Candidates whose resume is already  made available to HR by a recruiting company or other sources within the last  6 months

3. A former TIP employee, contractor, temporary employee, intern/apprentice who has been away from TIP for less than 1 year