Sustainability at TIP

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There is a generational contract in place,
every generation is taking over the world as the previous generation has left it for it

and every generation is metaphorically planting seeds
in a garden it might never get to see.”

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TIP ESG commitment

esg commitment

Paving the road to sustainability 



paving the road to sustailabiolity


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sustainability at TIP

ESG Management

Aims at establishing and running an effective ESG function at TIP

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ESG- Sustainable Products

Aims at facilitating sustainable product offerings to our customers and low carbon alternatives

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ESG Carbon Footprint

Aims to make TIP a carbon neutral organization

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ESG - Circular Economy

Aims to implement effective and efficient waste management at TIP

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Aims to achieve gender balance at TIP and contribute to the internal and external communities we are embedded within ...

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ESG Reporting

Aims to establish and run effective ESG reporting at TIP

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ESG Green Financing

Aims to facilitate the transition of TIP by providing competitive funding and subsidies for green projects ...

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