Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) - Strategy

"We truly believe that there is an unwritten generational contract in place, every generation is taking over the world as the previous generation has left it and every generation is metaphorically planting seeds in a garden it might never get to see.

This is the reason why the vision statement for our ESG Strategy is 'for Generations to Come – Paving the road to sustainability'.We must ask ourselves, what is the role we want to play during these transformational times.

By including sustainability objectives in our corporate strategy and outlining our sustainability ambitions through our ESG Strategy we have given a strong response to that question."


Bob Fast 
President and Chief Executive Officer




ESG Strategy

Seven ESG programs for paving the road to sustainability





Our ESG Strategy (Video)

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Our ESG Commitments

  • refurbish 5.3k units by 2025
  • install LED lighting at 99% of workshops by 2025
  • become carbon neutral by 2050
  • equip 35k units with TIP Insight by 2025
  • reduce the gender pay gap


The corner stone of this program is the execution of our ESG Strategy "for Generations to Come - Paving the road to sustainability" based on an extensive materiality assessment we have completed together with multiple stakeholders of TIP.



  • Adopt and monitor ESG Strategy
  • Comply with GRI framework
  • Include and recurringly update ESG risks in TIP risk matrix
  • Reinforce ESG governance framework
  • Support realization of ESG projects
  • Establish ESG network within and beyond our industry


ESG Advocacy & Network

Cooperations will enable us to truly transform our industry. As the founder and member of the European Transportation Board (ETB) we are striving to share insights and solutions that solve transportation issues which transcend country borders and individual needs.

ETB Priorities:

  • Carrying out the mandatory annual technical inspection (PTI) of Trailers, in the Country of physical presence, regardless of the Country of registration in the EU

  • ETB to influence the deployment of a single data model for TPMS

  • Approval of configuration of two trailers behind a truck, connected with a Dolly


ESG Risk Management

Our changing business environment comes along with risks and we have to incorporate these risks into our corporate risk matrix. We have to ensure that we understand what risk we are posing to our surroundings and how risks in our surroundings are affecting us.


ESG Governance

The responsibility for implementing our ESG Strategy is with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the ESG/EHS Director of TIP in direct reporting line.

In 2021, an ESG Committee composed of the Executive Management Team and the ESG/EHS Director was established. The purpose of the ESG Committee is to regularly discuss TIP’s progress along its sustainability journey.

Governance at TIP has always been an essential function and we want to live up to this standard with regards to sustainability. New policies and procedures on sustainability enshrine our sustainability ambition into our day-by-day actions.

Sustainable Products

We are moving from conventional fuel vehicles to smartly connected trailers, electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

Furthermore, TIP Insight will not only allow fleets to be managed more efficiently but offers tangible cost saving solutions. As an example, vehicles consuming less fuel by ensuring optimum tire pressure with our Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).



  • Connect 35k units with TIP Insight by 2025



Electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCVs) for last mile delivery in urban environments.




Electric refrigerated trailer that keeps freight chilled at temperatures down to -25°C and runs entirely on renewable electricity.



TIP Insight

Range of telematics-based digital and connected services that takes trailer telematics to the next level.

Carbon Footprint

The challenge we are facing is enormous:

  • 12,572 metric tons of carbon per year* we are directly and indirectly emitting as an organization

  • 12,572 metric tons of carbon per year that our ESG Strategy aims to neutralize until 2030

* based on 2021 consumption for electricity, natural gas and heating oil


We will reach that milestone by systematically …

  • substituting energy intense applications with energy efficient ones (for example switch to LED lighting),
  • building renewable energy systems (for example PV systems)
  • and as a last step, offset those emissions we cannot reduce out of own motion.



  • Become carbon neutral by 2050
  • Install LED lighting at 99% of workshops


Renewable Energy

We are looking into several solar energy projects simultaneously as we see the value of renewable energy in accordance with our electrification strategy


Energy Efficiency

We are systematically assessing our top energy consumers and looking into alternatives that are more energy efficient


Concept "The Green Branch of the Future"

Every aspect of a workshop (building infrastructure, energy supply, processes, appliances, etc.) will get optimized according to ESG principles and put on paper as a blue print every existing and future TIP workshop has to measure against


Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

We are working on ways to assess Scope 3 carbon emissions within our industry from well-to-wheel by utilizing our strong relationship with original equipment manufacturers and new data analyzing capabilities provided by TIP Insight.

Circular Economy

Within this program we are not only working together with waste management companies to optimize our waste streams across our network.



  • Refurbish 5,300 units by 2025


Additionally, this program supports refurbishment campaigns at the end of the lifecycle of our equipment.

Are there trailers on your site that are no longer representative, whose cooler or tail lift no longer works, or does the trailer have other defects? We can ensure that your trailers can be used again for several years by means of renovation.

An additional benefit of this program is that it offers some release considering the currently painstakingly long lead times for new equipment.

Lastly, the production of input materials for manufacturing new equipment such as virgin steel releases large amounts of carbon. By reusing and refurbishing existing assets we are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an industry leader with 2,808 employees we are dedicated to live up to our responsibility. We aim to maintain our gender balance in pay which we believe that makes the biggest contribution with regards to gender balance in our historically male-dominated industry.



  • Reduce gender pay gap


Our program “Stronger Together” encompasses various programs to encourage our culture of learning (TIP Learn), team-spirit (TIP Team) social responsibility (TIP Community) and our health and wellbeing (TIP Health).

The goals of our Stronger Together program are:

  • Integration and engagement across all TIP functions and regions to grow stronger together;
  • People and leadership development to make the organization strong for now and the future
  • Safety, Health and wellbeing of all TIP employees to create loyalty and retention with TIP
  • Contribute to society by giving back and equal opportunities to all


We are not operating in a vacuum. We are firmly embedded in the communities surrounding us and we want to contribute to them thriving.


Plastic Fishing on the canals of Amsterdam

TIP volunteers in September 2021 gathered to go plastic fishing to help make the Amsterdam canals cleaner.


Charity bicycle ride of our TIP UK & Ireland team and partners

In September 2021, a team of TIP UK and Ireland staff members, loyal customers and supportive industry partners, embarked on a 3-day, 300km cycle ride across Majorca to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and the Donna Louise children’s hospice.


Food collection program in cooperation with food banks

In the course of our annual global "Food Drive program" we asked our employees, customers and vendors to voluntary donate goods to local food banks, to support communities in need.


Mechanics Team Competition

In 2021, for the first time in TIP’s history, we launched the international Mechanic Team Competition, with over 100 teams competing across Europe and Canada.

As part of our company culture, we are committed to celebrating the talents and expertise of our people. Our mechanics are the heroes that ensure the flawless operation of keeping our customers’ fleet going. We therefore devised this competition to highlight and celebrate their skills, knowledge, and talent!


Data is without a doubt the biggest challenge when it gets to turning our sustainability ambition into a success story. We have implemented an ESG reporting tool that will help us to collect non-financial data, analyze this data and report it to our stakeholders.



  • Comply with 100% of all ESG data requests


We support the United Nations Global Compact ten principles promoting human rights, labour standard, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption.

We are committed to making the UN Global Compact principles part of our strategy, culture value and the day-to-day operations of our company.

Committing to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) ESG framework will help us to structure our data reporting in a state of the art way and remain focused on our material subjects.

We are putting full emphasis on this program because we do understand upcoming EU laws like the EU Taxonomy or the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will reshape our economy and we want to go well-prepared into this process.

Furthermore, we are supporting our customers and partners in their reporting requirements.


Illustration of our state of the art reporting approach:

Green Financing

We are working together with some of the most renowned banks in Europe to make our financing structure more sustainable.



  • Set up sustainability linked loan facility


Only recently we have linked sustainability KPIs to our major 1.6bn Euro financing facility, which means that progressing in our sustainability ambition will help us achieve lower margins on our external funding.

This has effectively turned our revolving credit facility (RCF) into a sustainability linked loan facility (SLL).

SLL KPIs are alligned to our material ESG subjects:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Circular Economy
  • Carbon Footprint / Sustainable Products

Article - Global Trailer Magazine


TIP Green Financing Principles:

Trucks with Superstructures

We have a wide range of trucks with bodies. 

ADR Tanker

ADR tankers are road vehicles that can carry liquids or powder. TIP offers a wide range of stainless steel liquid tankers for purposes varying from food to chemicals.

Fuel Tanker

TIP offers specialized equipment for the transportation of different types of fuel.

Powder Tanker

Our powder tankers are equipped to transport various types of cargo, from powder type products to aggregate products.

Food Grade Tanker

A food grade tanker is a tanker that can transport food liquids.

Electric Van

The electric van is an electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCVs) for last mile delivery in urban environments. It is a sustainable vehicle, which can enter ultra-low emission city zones for greener supply chains.


Rent tractor units easily and adapt them to your requirements.

Tipper trailer

Whether in agriculture or on the construction site, the tipper trailer is a reliable asset for transporting your goods.


A curtainsider trailer is our most common type of trailer. It has flexible sides (sailes) which can be opened to load / un-load goods. It is suitable for almost all transport.

Box Trailer

A van trailer is a trailer that has solid walls in order to protect its cargo, making it a popular choice with the transport industry for transporting goods, requiring high security.


A flatbed trailer, also known as an open platform trailer, is a flat without side walls. This type of trailer is suitable for special transport of wide and long goods.

Container chassis

A container chassis is a trailer frame that can easily transport containers. In our fleet we have chassis suitable for 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.

Refrigerated trailer

A refrigerated trailer is an insulated box trailer where it is possible to control the temperature. The refrigerated trailers are suitable for temperature sensitive products, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals products.

Walking Floor Trailer

A walking floor trailer is flexible and diverse for easy loading and unloading of bulk and general cargo as well as combined loads.

Swap body curtainsider

A swap body curtainsider is an exchangeable freight container, with flexible sides (curtains), that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Swap body van

A swap body van steel is an exchangeable freight container that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Waste tanker

TIP has a wide range of waste tanker equipment to meet all of your needs.

Waste tanker combi

The waste tanker combi is suitable for sewer or gully cleaning or sewage sludge and mine disposal.

Vacuum Tanker

A vacuum truck is used for sewer cleaning with and without water treatment, gully cleaning or for suction and rinsing .