Corporate responsibility

Our high environmental and social standards

Support a sustainable future

In our view, being economically successful and internationally competitive generates value for our shareholder, customers and society at large. We apply high environmental and social standards to our business to support a sustainable future.

We recognise that we have a duty to our stakeholders to be a reliable partner with the highest integrity and ethics. We engage with and learn from others through open dialogue on mutual interests.

We focus our corporate responsibility in 3 principal areas:

  • Industry focus through the European Transport Board
  • Communities we work with through our TIP Volunteers program
  • Globally through our shareholder and HNA’s global programs

ETB: Pan-European centre of knowledge

We are the founder and lead member of the European Transport Board (ETB), a group of leading European transport and logistics providers, which together represent a significant part of the industry with almost 300,000 trailers in the combined fleet. The ETB’s goal is to share insight and solutions that solve common issues which transcend country borders and individual needs. Its mission specifically aims to:

        • Reduce environmental impact
        • Reduce congestion from road transport
        • Increase road safety
        • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the industry

With our colleagues in the ETB, we strive to connect:

      • Our members to work together more effectively
      • With EU priorities
      • On environmental and social challenges
      • Public and private initiatives
      • Demand to supply: reducing congestion and emissions
      • The European market to global demand
      • All transportation modalities

Visit the ETB website:

TIP Volunteers program

We actively engage in volunteer projects through our TIP Volunteers program, helping those in need within our local communities. Key events in 2015 included;

  • Participated in Harbour Run in Rotterdam
  • Organised a charity bicycle ride from Manchester to Galway along with some of our customers raising €50,000 for the United Kingdom National Charity for Cancer Research, Donna Louise Trust for terminally ill children and the Air Ambulance Service
  • Voluntary work at a local elderly people’s home in Amsterdam
  • Painted and repaired a local Amsterdam petting zoo