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Are you renewing your transport fleet this year?

When you read about Volvo’s prototype self-driving electric truck with no cab on Reuters or about start-up Nikola Motors’ forthcoming hydrogen-powered electric semi-truck on Techcrunch, did you think about replacing trailers and trucks in your fleet with new ones? If your answer is “yes” then consider the advantages of leasing these assets instead of buying them. […]

How digitalisation can increase profit in logistics

In a recent PWC survey, 54% of the companies surveyed in transport and logistics expected that digitalisation would increase their revenues. What does “digitalisation” mean in terms of road freight transport? Where are the opportunities for using it to increase revenues and profitability? How digital is your trailer fleet? Step into the world of the ‘logistics […]

Connected trucks and trailers through telematics – part 2

There continue to be fascinating innovations in telematics. The “connected trailer” is no longer unusual as more trailer manufacturers fit telematics solutions to their trailers. Innovations including video Several recent innovations are for in-cab video cameras linked to the telematics systems. Drivers falling asleep at the wheel is a major issue.  For example, UK-based vehicle […]

Connected trucks and trailers through telematics – part 1

Connected trucks and trailers through telematics are on the rise in Europe. Connected trucks are here to stay and offer myriad benefits to fleet operators. Telematics growth Industry analysts Technavio forecast that the commercial vehicle telematics market in Europe will show a compound annual growth rate of nearly 14% between 2018 and 2022. They say that […]

What Christmas gifts will be in my trailer this year?

Christmas is the most important retail period of the year in most European countries.  These days, people are purchasing gifts ever earlier, from Black Friday/Cyber Weekend in late November and throughout December. Truck drivers will be wondering what gifts they are transporting for Christmas. What Christmas gifts are the most likely to be loaded onto their […]

How and why to improving driver retention matters

Truck driver shortage remains a major issue for Europe’s road transport companies. Attracting new drivers is still challenging for the industry overall as well as for individual transport fleets. Given these circumstances, what can fleet managers do to retain their existing drivers? Driver shortage – today? How serious is the driver shortage? Holger Mandel, CEO […]

Road safety: predictive accident alert

Trailer accidents have a major negative impact on road transport fleets in terms of human and operational costs as well as damage to vehicles. We all want to prevent and minimise accidents. One way to do so is to use predictive analytics. What are predictive analytics? Predictive analytics use many techniques from data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning, […]