How to avoid unexpected trailer repair? Be Prepared.

How to avoid unexpected trailer repair? Be Prepared.

Is it possible to avoid unexpected trailer repair? It should be, as we all know that the costs of a trailer standing still at the side of the road are significant. The cargo has to be transferred to another trailer. Another driver, truck and trailer have to be employed at additional cost. The broken-down trailer has to be towed away and repaired.


Be Prepared

There are several ways of reducing the trailer fleet manager’s worries on this front. Many of them come down to that famous motto of the Scout Movement “Be Prepared”. To paraphrase the movement’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell:

“Be Prepared in Mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every [customer delivery] order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it.”


Fleet management technology

How can you Be Prepared? Part of the solution to avoid unexpected trailer repair is to invest in good fleet management technology including trailer telematics. Linking your enterprise IT system with your trailer fleet will give you a dashboard of information on trailer, truck, delivery and driver management as well as geo-positioning. Feedback from your drivers and from sensors attached to the trailers as well as servicing dates prescheduled in your trailer fleet management dashboard will help you anticipate and plan when your trailers need maintenance and possible repairs.


Trailer management programme

Another solution is to have a proper maintenance programme in place. This will reduce the likelihood of experiencing an unexpected trailer breakdown to close to nil.

A trailer needs constant care and attention. Consider outsourcing the maintenance and repair management programme to reliable, well-qualified experts, thereby reducing the fixed labour costs of running your own team of mechanics.

TIP proposes a regular scheduled trailer maintenance programme in several different formats to suit individual client requirements. This will help you foresee technical issues, keep costs under control and ensure that any trailer is repaired before being taken on the road.


Trailer repair management service

TIP also offers a trailer repair management service. The most common repairs include body components such as bumpers, pneumatic elements such as brake hand valves; rolling gear and suspensions; electrical equipment; refrigeration; liftgates; tyres and brakes.

We manage your repairs around a simple and convenient damage repair process. In addition to completing the repairs, we document, supervise and control the quality of the repair work that is carried out on your trailers. This allows you to keep a clear overview of the implemented measures to protect you against recurring damage costs. Even the invoicing of the repair services is done in a practical way: via a damage account that we administer on your behalf and which is usually settled on a quarterly basis.

Through the TIP repair management service, the fleet manager benefits from:

  • Fixed price damage repairs
  • Reporting: Clarity as to where, when and how frequently damage occurs
  • Ability to identify recurring damage items and solve the issue
  • A buffer is built up to protect against more serious damage
  • Coordination in the event of a repair
  • Lower administrative expenses

To avoid unexpected trailer repair, are you Prepared?

To find out more about TIP’s Trailer Maintenance and Repair Management services, please contact TIP here.

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  1. jresquival
    jresquival says:

    That’s a good point that setting up a maintenance plan allows you to have fixed price repairs. That way you won’t have to guess and worry about potential accidents. I bet businesses often try to remove uncertainty.

  2. Oscar O'Malley
    Oscar O'Malley says:

    I really like that you mentioned connecting technology and the trailer fleet to stay ahead on repairs and maintenance. The company I work for employs a lot of truck drivers, and we’re not up to date on current technology. I think that updating our systems and being able to tell when any given trailer will need repair will be a great asset to the company!


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