Burgers is a manufacturing company that was founded in 1925. Today, they are the leading biggest double-deck trailer builder in the world with 3 factories in the Netherlands. Discover why they have chosen TIP as their partner to support their business with maintenance and repair services!

Burgers is specialised in the iconic Double Deck trailer. These trailers allow to save 30% of CO2, to provide 60% more loads in the trailer and increase road safety.

Burgers and TIP started their collaboration in 2015. Since then, TIP provides trailer maintenance and repair that allow the company to reduce downtime, maximise the utilization of their assets, and get a full visibility into their fleet.

TIP is proud to support its customers improve their business operations throughout Europe and Canada.

Talk to the trailer maintenance experts to cover your vehicles: send us a maintenance request or check which is the closest TIP workshop to your business.