Can you rent a trailer with telematics?

Can you rent a trailer with telematics?

Trailers are changing rapidly; from simple lorries behind a truck into digital datacenters on wheels. Using telematics can give important real-time information to both the driver and the fleet manager about the progress of the journey. And, in case of an incident the telematics system can send alerts by e-mail or SMS text.

Telematics for trailers work with data sensors on the trailer which are connected to a modem. Using GPS and a mobile network, lots of data information from the trailer can be tracked and used to improve business performance and road safety.


Following your trailer across Europe and the Maghreb is just the basic feature of trailer telematics. You can add ‘geo-fences’ to the route from A to B; digital guidelines that are activated as soon as the trailer goes off-route. With the ongoing cargo-theft in Europe (Securing Industry), ‘geo-fencing’ helps you to stay alert when your trailer goes in a different direction than planned. In the situation of cargo theft, you can pinpoint the exact trailer location to local authorities.

To improve trailer and cargo security, you can have sensors installed on door locks that will send an alert as soon as they are opened at unscheduled moments. TIP Trailer Services’ experts can explain you about the advantages of telematics on your trailer.


Another feature in telematics is TPMS; a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that continually measures if the tyres are under or above the recommended pressure. If there is a slow-leaking tyre, the driver and the fleet manager will be informed immediately when the pressure reaches an operator-defined alert level. A trailer with under inflated tyres is less easy to steer and will react slower if the driver must make an emergency stop. It is also affecting negatively fuel efficiency, an essential KPI for road freight operators.

Having telematics installed on your trailers is becoming the new standard; customers would like to know what the exact ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of their cargo is. In the case of refrigerated transport as for food and medicines, clients might also ask for a detailed temperature report during transport, to reassure their customers that temperature was monitored and complies with their standards. With telematics, you can share detailed reports with your customers, in different media types, like PDF or Excel.

Web based telematics platform

When you need extra trailer capacity and you want to rent a trailer with telematics on board, TIP Trailer services can demonstrate you all options. Besides the equipment on the trailer, you will need access to a web-based platform to be able to see and track your trailer and its data in real-time. This will require training for your fleet managers, so they can read the data , understand the information and act accordingly. It is also possible to integrate trailer data into existing fleet management systems.

To set up a trailer with telematics, is part of our tailormade solutions. With a long-term trailer rental contract, often named as leasing contract, we can empower any trailer with telematics and install the best modular options to make your transport business more safe, more trustworthy and more effective.

Contact TIP to set up an appointment about trailers and telematics. We are happy to show you some examples and a demo.

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