Twenty years with TIP – meet Anne-Louise Krüger

Lifelong employment is not very common these days. There are not a lot of people that can say that they celebrate a 20 year anniversary at their workplace. At TIP, we are lucky to have colleagues that do, and one of them is Anne-Louise Krüger. In the below interview, she explains her TIP story:

Describe your current job role? My role is Contract Administration Manager for the Nordic Region

What do you think is important for a company to be aware of, if they want to keep qualified employees? I guess this is unique for everyone, but what is very important for me is to feel appreciated and involved and that I receive opportunities to improve my skills and continuously develop myself.

TIP really is a positive, honest and above all, fun working environment! On top of that TIP supports training and education; I have just recently followed a law school course to support me in my daily activities as a contract administration manager.

What I also really like about TIP is that it is flexible in terms of work schedule, which allows me to benefit from a good work-life balance. I believe every organization needs to think about these types of things if you want to have the commitment and engagement from its employees. For me, company values matter too, like integrity and social responsibility and to have a good strong company culture.

Why do you like working for TIP?

There are many reasons. First of all, I really enjoy and appreciate that I work in a large company that allows me to work with people from different parts of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Secondly, the diversity that we have in our company makes every day more interesting.

I also like the dynamic environment, the energy and the company culture we have; that we have expertise, professionalism and commitment and that we have an open and respectful working climate. I have always been offered plenty of opportunities, so my work has always been interesting and rewarding to me, as I keep learning new things. In addition to that, I have good personal and professional relationships and feel lucky to be working with engaged and talented people in a fun and informal work environment. On top of that, I just really like what I do!

What is the funniest/ strangest thing you have experienced at TIP?

TIP is a really fun place to work and I have many good stories. It is always fun when the Nordic region meet up for the yearly get-together, we definitely know how to have a good time. One good memory is when we the Danish team recorded a music video – Band Aid, “Do they know it’s Christmas time” as a greeting for our customers together with a donation, that was great fun for us and the customers receiving it. But for me it is really just having high-spirited colleagues around me in the everyday life that makes the difference. One thing I find very nice is that many people who have left the company for new opportunities eventually come back to us. If you stay here long enough, like I have, you have the pleasure of working with them again in the future.. I don’t know what it is but it seems like TIP is a hard company to get past and leave behind.

If you should put 3 words on TIP’s journey from when you started until now – what would they be?

Full speed ahead

How do you stay motivated?

I involve myself in new business initiatives and people, seize opportunities and challenges that can improve my skills and develop my role in the company. The engagement and positivity of others also motivates me. Even though we work hard and are busy, we joke around, make fun and are interested in each other’s lives that can be very inspiring too.

In short, I have felt at home from the first day I started at TIP and I think the main reason for that is because everyone here is quite special in his or her own way. Normality is challenged here – and I love that. The people and the possibilities – that is what motivates me the most!

Trend update: have autonomous trucks really arrived?

Trend update: have autonomous trucks really arrived?

Over the last year, the media has been trumpeting the arrival of “self-driving trucks” at high volumes more typically associated with brass bands at Munich’s Oktoberfest. Delving beyond the headlines, where is the autonomous truck in terms of its evolution and what is its likely impact on truck drivers?

Autonomous trucks in the headlines

Recent examples of autonomous trucks making headlines include Volvo testing a self-driving truck in an underground mine last September. In January 2017, Volkswagen’s Scania signed a deal with the Singaporean government to trial autonomous truck platooning — in which a group of trucks, assisted by the latest sensor technology, travel in convoy, automatically, safely and a short distance apart – to carry cargo between Singapore’s ports on public roads (source 1.) The E.U’s European Platooning Challenge in April 2016 saw semi-autonomous trucks with drivers travel in platoons from various starting points across Europe to Rotterdam. (source 2.)

In the US, Silicon Valley start-up Peloton is developing two-truck, driver-assistive platooning. Another start-up, Otto, which has been bought by Uber, is creating technology that will convert existing trucks into self-driving ones. (source 1.)

Status of autonomous truck technology

Despite the red hot glow of interest in autonomous, self-driving trucks, the technology is still in its infancy in terms of transforming the concept to reality.

New advanced technology systems known as “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” (“ADAS”) contribute to make truck driving safer and less stressful today. These include traction control; ABS brakes; electronic stability control; adaptive cruise control; telematics; sensors that detect obstacles and automatically activate brakes on a vehicle ahead of a possible collision.

Truck platooning will generate many benefits. However, before platooning becomes a day-to day-reality, there remain major technological and non-technological issues including regulatory, safety, infrastructure and political issues to be overcome. The problems faced by truck platooning are similar to those faced by autonomous trucks.

Autonomous trucks – still a long way to go

Torbjörn Holmström sums up the technological and infrastructure issues that are holding back autonomous trucks in a recent interview in He was responsible for the development of autonomous trucks at Volvo from 1979 until recently and is now a senior advisor to the company. Holmström states that autonomous trucks won’t be realized until the end of the next decade i.e. 2030. He says “The software in the trucks still needs to be more powerful in terms of gathering data, analyzing it and making decisions. But beyond the trucks, there are infrastructure issues that need to be addressed, such as the design of roads and exit ramps, and the robustness of wireless networks.”

Impact on truck drivers

How will this impact on truck drivers? Truck drivers will remain central to truck driving for the foreseeable future even if their roles change over time.

Holmström continues “If you think we will not have truck drivers in the future, well, that is very, very far away. It’s important that we take cautious steps. Society and the greater population must feel very safe about it.”

Steven E. Shladover, head of the California PATH (Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology) research and development programme at the University of California, Berkeley believes that we are decades away from driverless trucks, citing security as a key challenge that will take time to overcome in an article.

Daimler’s top self-driving truck engineer Derek Rotz, who is in his early forties, told the Financial Times in March 2017 that he doesn’t expect fully autonomous trucks — the kind with no driver at all – within his lifetime.

Technology benefits truck drivers today

Thanks to ADAS systems and the slow adoption of technology for autonomous and semi-autonomous trucks, the truck driver can and will be able to drive more safely and with less stress over long journeys. The technologies will enable greater efficiency not only in terms of keeping trucks and trailers roadworthy, free of unexpected breakdowns but also in terms of more effective management of cargo delivery. The role of the driver will naturally evolve. For career success, the driver will need more knowledge of technology.

Flexible trailer capacity, trailers equipped with the latest technology – the keys to success

Whether or not the world is ready for semi-autonomous or autonomous trucks, there will always be demand for transporters to carry large volumes of products in their trailers. Having flexible trailer capacity with trailers that are equipped with the latest trailer technology are the keys to playing a successful part in the transport industry.

Ask TIP how you can benefit from our 50.000+ trailer fleet by contacting us via this form.



Retailers and the ongoing demand for more trailers

Retailers and the ongoing demand for more trailers

Despite mixed headlines about the state of Europe’s economy, retailers are growing at a healthy rate and are looking to use every delivery method available to get their products to the consumer as quickly as she or he has requested. This is fuelling increased demand for trailers from fleet managers who want to benefit from these additional opportunities.

Growth at top European supply chain organisations

Information technology research and advisory firm Gartner sounded a very optimistic note when it announced the ranking of the Top European Supply Chain Organizations for 2016. Ranked on a range of attributes including return on assets, inventory turns, revenue growth and sustainability, all the Top 15 in Europe for 2016 generated a solid return on assets and most displayed revenue growth. For example, Unilever, which ranked at no 1 overall, grew at 3.6%; H&M, which ranked 2nd increased its revenue by 16.3% and third placed Inditex expanded by 11.2%. Good news for those transporters participating in their supply chains.

Accelerating the speed of delivery

Accelerating the speed of delivery to a sub-one or -two-hour delivery window is the current Holy Grail in customer service. Retailers are seeking new and better ways of delivering their products and services to customers either directly or through customer collection at bricks and mortar stores.

New approaches

Some companies are experimenting at the limits of today’s technology to find future solutions. Amazon continues to make a name for itself with its innovative research including the trial use of drones for last mile delivery in the UK and the filing of a patent for a mobile 3-D printing delivery truck that would print out a product in a truck based nearest to the customer. These innovations remain experimental and in their infancy.

In the UK you can already find on-demand delivery apps from retailers such John Lewis and Asda. Asda’s Asdatoyou app enables customers of Asda’s retail partners to collect goods more quickly from an Asda store. In France, sports retail giant Decathlon has a facility where you can check the availability of an item at a specific store and, if available, buy it online and the retailer will respond with a message within one hour to confirm that the product is ready for collection from the store.

Innovative, quick fulfilment is a great source of competitive advantage, revenue and customer loyalty. However, execution can be brittle, particularly at the level of the last mile delivery, with the smallest breakdown in the supply chain having the potential to be costly and cause significant reputational damage.

Managing last mile delivery risk

Writing in February’s Supply Chain Digital, journalist Dale Benton says that the industry is proposing different ways of managing risk in the last mile delivery phase including:

  • Offering customers a smartphone app that links them to an in-store beacon. A signal between the phone and the beacon tells the retailer’s staff that the customer has arrived in the store and their order is swiftly and seamlessly dispatched to the delivery counter for immediate collection.
  • Ensuring that the in-store collection of online orders does not interfere negatively with the on-going bricks and mortar shopping experience.
  • Providing a great customer experience by training staff to excel in a wider variety of tasks in addition to classic shop sales and advisory roles. Tasks will include the fulfilment of online orders by finding and packing the right products to match orders and adjusting order management systems.

Flexible trailer capacity – the key to success

No matter how innovative the supply chain is or will become, there will always be demand for transporters to carry large volumes of products in their trailers. Having flexible trailer capacity is key in playing a successful part in the supply chains of today and the future. Ask TIP how you can benefit from our 50.000+ trailer fleet by contacting us via this form.

Visit TIP Trailer Services at Rokatech 2017 – Hall 5, Stand C13

From 10th to 12th May 2017, Rokatech will take place in Kassel, Germany. Find out more about the latest developments in sewer technology and inform yourself about new products and services.

What can you expect at Rokatech?

Rokatech is the international trade fair for pipe and sewer technology and has already made a name for itself throughout Europe. The organizer, VDRK, is expecting more than 12,000 visitors this year, which are looking to inform themselves about the latest products and services around the sewer technology of the more than 270 exhibitors present at the Kassler exhibition grounds. The latest trends and technologies for cleaning, inspection and maintenance of sewage systems are exhibited and presented over more than ​​25,000 square meters.

From work safety and high-pressure technology, to tools and accessories, there is something for everyone.

The Rokatech offer is completed with presentations covering “Wastewater structure” and “the generation of new talent”, which are planned for Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th May.

Who we are and why should you visit our booth?

In short, we are your financing alternative for the purchase of sewer cleaning vehicles and recyclers. As a manufacturer-independent rental company and an integrated service provider of commercial vehicles for the transport and logistics industry, TIP Trailer Services offers flexible solutions for the procurement of new sewer cleaning vehicles and recyclers. This provides municipal and private waste disposal companies as well as service providers with the possibility to optimize costs associated with their fleet.

Originally specialized in the rental of trailers, TIP has now expanded its rental fleet across Europe by adding 217 combined sewer cleaning vehicles. As one of the largest renting partners of suction pressure and flushing vehicles and recyclers in Europe, TIP provides municipalities and wastewater and waste disposal companies with customized vehicles to align with their business requirements.

You can find out which rental options are available and how we can tailor them to your individual needs. Come and visit us – Hall 5, Stand C13. 

Feel free to schedule an appointment on the day of your choice by sending an e-mail to .

See you at the Rokatech 2017!

Visit TIP at transport logistic 2017 in Munich

From the 9th May to the 12th May, transport logistic will take place in Munich where you can find out everything about the latest developments and trends in transport and logistics industry!

What can you expect at transport logistic?

“Transport logistic is the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. It is a business platform and a driving force for the global logistics and transport sector “(source: transport logistic).

More than 2,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries will present their products and services across more than 112,000 square meters of exhibition space in nine halls and the open-air area. A high-quality conference program with around 200 experts completes the offer of this leading trade fair in the transport and logistics sector.

We have tailor-made rental and service solutions for your fleet. Our services are flexible, reliable and cost-transparent and we would like to take the opportunity to show our service portfolio to you, in person, during the transport logistic in Munich. Transport logistic is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how TIP can help you maximize your return through effective fleet management!


Why should you visit our booth?

The TIP service offer is built up into commercial vehicle rental and maintenance & repair of customer-owned equipment.

In addition to the variety of different semi-trailers that can be hired in the short or long term, you can find a full overview of our wholly owned workshops for Germany and Austria. The TIP stand team, consisting of rental and workshop experts, will be happy to explain our entire product and service portfolio to you and how this can be adapted to your individual requirements and advised on an advisory basis.

Feel free to schedule an appointment on the day of your choice by sending an e-mail to .

See you at transport logistic 2017! Hall A6, Stand 306!

Join TIP Nordic at Kuljetus 2017 trade show, Finland

Join TIP Nordics at Kuljetus 2017 trade show, Finland

For those of you interested in Finnish commercial road transport, schedule some time in your diary to attend Kuljetus 2017, the leading Finnish commercial transport show. The exhibition will take place in Jyväskylä, central Finland from 18th to 20th May. Don’t miss this crucial event where you get a chance to meet TIP Trailer Services Nordic. At their stand A-202 you can hear how you can future proof your fleet with TIP or can focus on your core business while TIP manage your service!

Innovative Finnish transport sector

The Finnish road transport sector is dynamic and innovative. For example, Finnish fleet managers can plan their deliveries on trucks including road trains of trailers with loads of up to 76 metric tonnes. Moreover, the government is about to trial loads of up to 120 tonnes. In another experiment, the Finnish Post, in conjunction with the Work Efficiency Institute and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has fitted some delivery vehicles with cameras and sensors to collect data about the often-challenging Finnish weather and road conditions. Their aim is to improve real time safety and traffic information for truck drivers and other professional road users, as well as give public authorities real time reports on the state of the roads to enable them to carry out any maintenance or repairs as quickly as possible.

Innovation at Kuljetus

Innovation is one of the main topics at Kuljetus 2017 with new product launches from local as well as international players in the industry. The exhibitors consist of heavy vehicle importers, trailer and superstructure manufacturers, alongside other key industry products and service providers. The event is targeted at road transport professionals including fleet owners, fleet managers and truck drivers.  All the 30,000 square metre exhibition space has been booked out.

Growth in Finnish truck and commercial vehicle trade

“The truck and commercial vehicle trade has been growing for about a year now. Coming out of recession, outdated equipment will be renewed. Also the pick-up in construction is reflected in the demand for commercial vehicles,” said Tero Kallio, CEO of the Automobile Importers Association. The Automobile Importers Association is one of the three organising partners of Kuljetus 2017. The other two are Jyväskylä Fair Ltd and the Finnish trade association Technology Industries of Trailers and Superstructures.

“The Kuljetus 2017 exhibition offers customers not only the chance to compare vehicles side by side but also to subscribe to their favourite new vehicle bodywork,” said Aki Sirén, president of the latter Finnish trade association.

Visit Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä is centrally located in Finland, making it an easy day trip from anywhere in the country. For those with some extra time, Jyväskylä is worth visiting. It was one of the fastest growing cities in Finland in the 20th century with a population of around 140,000 people. In addition to being nicknamed the “Athens of Finland” in the Finnish national epic poem*, the “Kalevala”, Jyväskylä boasts interesting cultural and sporting attractions including buildings by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto; the Neste Oil Rally Finland and the annual Jyväskylä Arts Festival.

Meet the TIP Trailer Services Nordic team

At Kuljetus 2017, be sure to meet our TIP Trailer Services Finland team on Stand A-202. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask our experts how TIP can help you maximise the returns on your trailer fleet management.

TIP Trailer Services Nordic now also offers leasing and rental of drawbars and tankers. Ask anything you would like to know about rental, leasing, repair or maintenance at the TIP stand. During a cup of our famous coffee we will also tell you about our extended workshop network in Kerava, Lieto, Hamina and Jyväskyla as well as our recent Nokian tires dealership.

International operating clients can discover TIP’s other value added solutions to transportation and logistics customers across Europe and in Canada. We can supply you with products and services from seventy locations in Europe and in Canada spread over seventeen countries.

To find out how the TIP Trailer Services Finland can add value to your trailer fleet management, you can use this form.

If you want a free ticket to visit the Kuljetus 2017 trade show, click here.



* Read all 812 pages of the National Finnish epic poem: “Kalevala

Working at TIP is like playing in the Champions League

Working at TIP is like playing in the Champions League

Abdel Bouyazidan is an Internal Sales Representative at TIP Trailer Services in Rotterdam. His role is to work with customers to understand their operational and commercial objectives and provide a TIP Trailer Services solution for them, be it trailer leasing or logistics including maintenance and repair.

Working at TIP is like playing in a European Champions League football team

For Abdel, “Working at TIP is like playing in a European Champions League football team. As an individual, I can add value to the service that we provide. At the same time, you need the team effort to be successful. In my job, there is one certainty: that you can expect the unexpected. Our blend of individual and team skills enables us to handle with confidence the many different situations that arise on a daily basis.”

His role – “4-4-2” – a formation used with four defenders, four midfielders and two attacking players

What does Abdel’s typical day look like? “So far, not a single day has been the same. There is always something different. For me, this defines the dynamic environment of leasing and logistics,” says Abdel.

He is at his desk by 8am every morning, with a coffee and laptop booted up ready to filter all his leads and decide which customer offers to follow up on first. Abdel enjoys developing relationships with his customers and finding out about their experiences.

“My goal is to give a positive experience to every customer, every day. Make each day matter. I occasionally meet customers face-to-face. This contact gives me the opportunity to gain more insights into their points of view. This also enables me to gain a greater understanding of the customer’s needs and commercial goals.”

Teamwork – “The Assist” – a pass that leads to a goal being scored

Working as a team is important to Abdel. “Team work is everything, essential for personal development and creating solutions that surpass customer expectations. Our team consists of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, nationalities and ages combining hard work and humour. For example, the poor attempts by colleagues to dodge their turn for ordering and picking-up the weekly ‘Friday food order’ are often sources of much laughter in the office!”

New skills – “Bicycle kick” – When a player kicks the ball in mid-air backwards and over his/her own head

Developing old and new skills has underpinned Abdel’s enjoyment in his role. Among them are “approaching every lead, case, customer without making any assumption, being flexible and adapting to different cases and situations.”

He is particularly proud of the success he has had in turning negative customer situations into positive ones and implementing new ideas that support the sales and marketing strategy.

Keys to success – “The play maker” – a designated player who has good vision, excellent passing ability, can open up defences and create opportunities

What attributes does it take to be successful in Abdel’s role? “You need to have a passion for helping different individuals be they fleet managers or company founders, with different needs and business goals. You need a ‘can do’ mentality to add value to the services you offer and surpass customer expectations and be willing to learn from both positive and negative situations.”

In terms of personal growth, Abdel looks forward to further developing his entrepreneurial skills to help customers find solutions and share his knowledge and experience in a management position.

Out of office – “Extra Time” – an additional period, used to determine the winner in some tied cup matches

In his Extra Time, Abdel enjoys meeting friends, going to the gym and playing football!

“Final score” – TIPTASTIC!

Asked to describe his work at TIP in one word, Abdel responded with “TIPTASTIC!”

Abdel Bouyazidian is an Internal Sales Representative at TIP Trailer Services in Rotterdam.


If you are interested in working at TIP Trailer Services, please visit our career page.


See you today to meet TIP at the Birmingham CV Show 2017 !

Don’t miss TIP at the Birmingham CV Show 2017
If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments in UK road transport and logistics, then visiting the Commercial Vehicle Show 2017 (“The CV Show”) at the NEC Birmingham between the 25th and 27th April 2017 is essential. This is the largest show of its kind in the UK. The organisers expect visitor numbers to surpass the 20,000 delegates who enjoyed last year’s CV Show and already have over 400 exhibitors signed-up including TIP Trailer Services. Admission for visitors is free.
Every aspect of the UK transport sector will be featured including truck, trailer, van and fork lift truck manufacturers as well as services that fleet managers can benefit from. These include; insurance, logistics, tyres, telematics, fuel and lubricant suppliers together with training organisations.

Thinking of trailers.. think of TIP

Make the most of CV Show 2017 by meeting the TIP Trailer Services UK and Ireland team on Stand 5C80. We have trailers on display throughout the exhibition from curtainsiders through to tankers and other specialist products. TIP can supply you with rental and leasing products combined with maintenance services from nineteen locations throughout the UK and Ireland, with a further seventy locations throughout continental Europe.

Test the moving floor trailer

As well as making significant investments in the curtainsider, van, chassis and refrigerated fleets, TIP has been busy growing its ‘specialist trailer’ business, particularly in the ‘moving floor’ trailer sector. At this year’s show they will have a Legras FMA15 ‘general purpose’ moving floor trailer on display at the outside exhibition area, adjacent to Hall 5 (and accessible from within the show halls). In conjunction with the leading moving floor trailer manufacturer, TIP will be available to offer product expertise, together with advice regarding the rental, leasing, funding and maintenance of moving floor trailers.

The CV Show 2017 is the perfect opportunity to discuss how TIP can help you maximise the returns on your trailer fleet management in a relaxed environment. To find out how TIP Trailer Services can add value to your trailer fleet management, please follow the link.

Zone in

There are two special zones that will be of particular interest to many visitors.
If keeping your vehicles running at maximum efficiency is important to you, do visit the Workshop zone. It will display everything from OE components and replacement parts to maintenance management systems, garage, workshop and bodyshop equipment.
For those who transport goods in a temperature-controlled environment, do drop by and visit the Cool zone. You will find refrigerated vehicle and bodywork companies, alongside the latest fridge units, monitoring equipment and other products specific to cold chain operations.

Enjoy a Tweet with your espresso

Among the innovations for 2017 are two Twitter lounges – cafes where visitors can relax over a coffee and read tweets posted using the hashtag #cvshow2017.

The Year of the Comeback

CV Show Director, Rob Skelton, said, “We’re delighted to see DAF, MAN and Iveco via Guest Trucks returning to the CV Show in 2017. Heavy trucks are a vital part of the freight and logistics industry in the UK and their presence adds a real attraction to the Show.”

New product launches

Everyone enjoys being among the first to see new products up close. The CV Show 2017 will provide its visitors with numerous opportunities to check out new launches. Exhibitors are already featuring in the press, trumpeting the products that they will unveil at the CV Show. Examples include TIP offering advice on the new Earned Recognition scheme promoted by the DVSA, which will see operators rewarded with fewer compliance checks in return for access to tachograph and maintenance data. Tachograph specialist TruTach is re-launching its tachograph analysis system TruControl as TruAnalysis, with new compliance software including TruDocument and eSignLive.

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP Trailer Services is pleased to announce that it is partnering with La Méridionale to provide a maintenance and repair service at the Port of Marseille. La Méridionale is the leading maritime freight management company between Marseille and Corsica, where it sails to ports including Ajaccio, Bastia and Propriano, and between Marseille and Sardinia.

La Méridionale: the freight management leader

La Méridionale’s three vessels make more than 1,000 crossings per year and transport over 56,000 commercial vehicles including trucks and trailers. La Méridionale is part of STEF, already a TIP customer, which is one of the largest transport companies in France with annual revenues of €2.8bn.

An easy-to-use quayside maintenance and repair service

TIP provides a mobile maintenance and repair service on the quayside at the Port of Marseille for all of La Méridionale’s customers before boarding one of their ships or after disembarking. The service has been designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to book their trailers in for maintenance and repair. The driver simply needs to call +33 4 42 15 96 81 to book a time slot and TIP will organise the scheduling, maintenance and repair as well as billing process.

The types of services available

La Méridionale’s customers can benefit from TIP Trailer Services’ specialist expertise and long-standing experience of trailer maintenance and repairs covering:

  • Bodywork and accessories including small bodywork issues on vans and reefers; cuts to the tarpaulin; the replacement of straps for taut liners, bumpers, stoppers and flaps.
  • Electricity including lights, plugs and water-proof casings.
  • Pneumatic systems and suspension including brake handles; flexibles; valves; axle suspensions; the inflation, repair or replacement of tyres.
  • Replacement of stands, skids and cranks.

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP Trailer Services unit at Marseille Harbour: a welcome sight and source of trailer solutions

The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit operates from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays at the Port of Marseille. The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit was in place and ready to operate at the port the day after the contract was signed in late March 2017. By the end of the first day of operation, TIP had already repaired its first trailer on the quayside. The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit is fast becoming a welcome sight and source of trailer solutions for drivers working on the Marseille to Corsica and Sardinia routes!

Why TIP?

At TIP Trailer Services, we have been maintaining trailers for more than 45 years. Our fully qualified and certified technicians operate from our many European workshops and mobile service units such as the one at the Port of Marseille to provide a flexible service and peace of mind. We offer a range of trailer maintenance and repair services including fixed cost, pre-scheduled programmes to improve the performance and reduce the operating costs of your trailer fleet without you having to employ a battalion of mechanics.

In addition, we can provide a roadside assistance services solution, giving you access to our Europe-wide breakdown recovery service 24/7, 365 days per year. We can also assist you with your fleet administration by managing time-consuming tasks on your behalf ranging from maintenance planning and scheduling, invoice management through to general fleet administration.

For more information on how TIP Trailer Services can help you as a fleet manager with outsourced services such as repair and maintenance or trailer leasing, to enable you to focus more on the areas of fleet management that add the most value to your business, please contact TIP.

Tankers now available in the Nordic region

Tankers now available in the Nordic region

TIP has massive expertise in tankers throughout Europe, servicing 16 countries from 70 locations. In 2017 that will expand even further and, for the first time, TIP tankers will be available in the Nordic region.

The experience gained from other regions will prove a huge benefit to Nordic customers, as TIP understands the complexities and requirements of fully utilising tankers and provid a range of services for customers including leasing, rental, maintenance and repair. Thanks to a dedicated department dealing exclusively with tankers and because of our large and diverse fleet, TIP is able to offer innovative tailor-made solutions to suit all types of businesses.


Tanker rental and leasing

Tanker requirements vary depending on the size and nature of each individual company, peaks and troughs in terms of workflow, and the changing demands of the industry in general. TIP acknowledges the dynamic nature of the transportation and logistics sector, which is why TIP provides a range of rental and leasing options to cater to customers’ needs. Always willing to see the bigger picture, TIP is prepared to meet new challenges that businesses may face by offering tailored products and services andby providing flexible solutions to suit each individual client as their circumstances change. Therefore, tankers can be rented on a spot-hire basis or long-term contract lease, incorporating maintenance and repair services. TIP is committed to finding the best package to match the requisite demands of every enterprise.

In addition to this, TIP can also offer a sale and lease back service, where TIP gives the customer a lump sum to purchase their tanker fleet and then lease the tankers back on terms that suit customer’s business, typically over a long period, in order to free up capital.


Tanker maintenance and repair

TIP acquired Nordic Tank’s aftersales team in order to hit the ground running. It immediately provides great experience and knowledge of servicing tank trailers. Customers can immediately benefit from one of TIP’s great strengths – an expertise in maintaining these types of trailers.

TIP understands that tanker repairs are often intricate and can involve complicated legislation, which is why there are dedicated tanker workshops and mobile service units designed to keep tanker fleets in full operation, wherever and whenever that becomes necessary. TIP provides fully-maintained working tankers so that companies can concentrate on their core business without the added stress of arranging servicing, repairs, etc.

TIP’s maintenance and repair services dedicated to tankers offers a comprehensive service solution for both the customers’ preventative and corrective maintenance needs. A crew of highly-skilled professional tanker technicians can carry out all aspects of tanker repairs and maintenance.


Hamina, the perfect hub

TIP has found the perfect hub for its tanker services in Hamina. It is a small port town with an excellent infrastructure, located approximately 145 km east of Helsinki and is easily accessible by motorway. If you need to find TIP, you could just use Google … if anyone should know where Hamina is, ask them; they are our neighbours in Hamina. Google’s splendid €350m high-tech datacentre is just down the road! TIP service packages include a round-the-clock breakdown service with support 365 days per year in 18 languages to ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible.


Tanker refurbishment

If you need some serious renovation and upgrade of your tanker, TIP also offers a market-leading tanker refurbishment service, where a tanker can be remounted onto a new chassis, thus increasing the life of the tanker without the capital expenditure required to buy a new one. The refurbishment is carried out by an experienced team who pride themselves on delivering great service and a high quality outcome as a standard. For further information about tankers in the Nordics, contact TIP.