TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP Trailer Services is pleased to announce that it is partnering with La Méridionale to provide a maintenance and repair service at the Port of Marseille. La Méridionale is the leading maritime freight management company between Marseille and Corsica, where it sails to ports including Ajaccio, Bastia and Propriano, and between Marseille and Sardinia.

La Méridionale: the freight management leader

La Méridionale’s three vessels make more than 1,000 crossings per year and transport over 56,000 commercial vehicles including trucks and trailers. La Méridionale is part of STEF, already a TIP customer, which is one of the largest transport companies in France with annual revenues of €2.8bn.

An easy-to-use quayside maintenance and repair service

TIP provides a mobile maintenance and repair service on the quayside at the Port of Marseille for all of La Méridionale’s customers before boarding one of their ships or after disembarking. The service has been designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to book their trailers in for maintenance and repair. The driver simply needs to call +33 4 42 15 96 81 to book a time slot and TIP will organise the scheduling, maintenance and repair as well as billing process.

The types of services available

La Méridionale’s customers can benefit from TIP Trailer Services’ specialist expertise and long-standing experience of trailer maintenance and repairs covering:

  • Bodywork and accessories including small bodywork issues on vans and reefers; cuts to the tarpaulin; the replacement of straps for taut liners, bumpers, stoppers and flaps.
  • Electricity including lights, plugs and water-proof casings.
  • Pneumatic systems and suspension including brake handles; flexibles; valves; axle suspensions; the inflation, repair or replacement of tyres.
  • Replacement of stands, skids and cranks.

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP Trailer Services unit at Marseille Harbour: a welcome sight and source of trailer solutions

The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit operates from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays at the Port of Marseille. The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit was in place and ready to operate at the port the day after the contract was signed in late March 2017. By the end of the first day of operation, TIP had already repaired its first trailer on the quayside. The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit is fast becoming a welcome sight and source of trailer solutions for drivers working on the Marseille to Corsica and Sardinia routes!

Why TIP?

At TIP Trailer Services, we have been maintaining trailers for more than 45 years. Our fully qualified and certified technicians operate from our many European workshops and mobile service units such as the one at the Port of Marseille to provide a flexible service and peace of mind. We offer a range of trailer maintenance and repair services including fixed cost, pre-scheduled programmes to improve the performance and reduce the operating costs of your trailer fleet without you having to employ a battalion of mechanics.

In addition, we can provide a roadside assistance services solution, giving you access to our Europe-wide breakdown recovery service 24/7, 365 days per year. We can also assist you with your fleet administration by managing time-consuming tasks on your behalf ranging from maintenance planning and scheduling, invoice management through to general fleet administration.

For more information on how TIP Trailer Services can help you as a fleet manager with outsourced services such as repair and maintenance or trailer leasing, to enable you to focus more on the areas of fleet management that add the most value to your business, please contact TIP.



Tankers now available in the Nordic region

Tankers now available in the Nordic region

TIP has massive expertise in tankers throughout Europe, servicing 16 countries from 70 locations. In 2017 that will expand even further and, for the first time, TIP tankers will be available in the Nordic region.

The experience gained from other regions will prove a huge benefit to Nordic customers, as TIP understands the complexities and requirements of fully utilising tankers and provid a range of services for customers including leasing, rental, maintenance and repair. Thanks to a dedicated department dealing exclusively with tankers and because of our large and diverse fleet, TIP is able to offer innovative tailor-made solutions to suit all types of businesses.


Tanker rental and leasing

Tanker requirements vary depending on the size and nature of each individual company, peaks and troughs in terms of workflow, and the changing demands of the industry in general. TIP acknowledges the dynamic nature of the transportation and logistics sector, which is why TIP provides a range of rental and leasing options to cater to customers’ needs. Always willing to see the bigger picture, TIP is prepared to meet new challenges that businesses may face by offering tailored products and services andby providing flexible solutions to suit each individual client as their circumstances change. Therefore, tankers can be rented on a spot-hire basis or long-term contract lease, incorporating maintenance and repair services. TIP is committed to finding the best package to match the requisite demands of every enterprise.

In addition to this, TIP can also offer a sale and lease back service, where TIP gives the customer a lump sum to purchase their tanker fleet and then lease the tankers back on terms that suit customer’s business, typically over a long period, in order to free up capital.


Tanker maintenance and repair

TIP acquired Nordic Tank’s aftersales team in order to hit the ground running. It immediately provides great experience and knowledge of servicing tank trailers. Customers can immediately benefit from one of TIP’s great strengths – an expertise in maintaining these types of trailers.

TIP understands that tanker repairs are often intricate and can involve complicated legislation, which is why there are dedicated tanker workshops and mobile service units designed to keep tanker fleets in full operation, wherever and whenever that becomes necessary. TIP provides fully-maintained working tankers so that companies can concentrate on their core business without the added stress of arranging servicing, repairs, etc.

TIP’s maintenance and repair services dedicated to tankers offers a comprehensive service solution for both the customers’ preventative and corrective maintenance needs. A crew of highly-skilled professional tanker technicians can carry out all aspects of tanker repairs and maintenance.


Hamina, the perfect hub

TIP has found the perfect hub for its tanker services in Hamina. It is a small port town with an excellent infrastructure, located approximately 145 km east of Helsinki and is easily accessible by motorway. If you need to find TIP, you could just use Google … if anyone should know where Hamina is, ask them; they are our neighbours in Hamina. Google’s splendid €350m high-tech datacentre is just down the road! TIP service packages include a round-the-clock breakdown service with support 365 days per year in 18 languages to ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible.


Tanker refurbishment

If you need some serious renovation and upgrade of your tanker, TIP also offers a market-leading tanker refurbishment service, where a tanker can be remounted onto a new chassis, thus increasing the life of the tanker without the capital expenditure required to buy a new one. The refurbishment is carried out by an experienced team who pride themselves on delivering great service and a high quality outcome as a standard. For further information about tankers in the Nordics, contact TIP.









More flexibility with TIP’s trailer rental fleet

More flexibility with TIP’s trailer rental fleet

The retail industry, manufacturers and their supply chains are undergoing significant changes, all of which require transport company managers to optimise flexibility in the way they run their fleets. Trailer rental offers an attractive and inherently flexible alternative way to manage a fleet.

The new “supply chain standard”

Consumers buying goods traditionally or online can now collect their purchases from shops or special delivery points including lockers or simply receive them at home.   They can also specify “same day” or “standard” delivery times. Increased customer choice made the supply chain for retailers and manufacturers a lot more complex. This is mainly due to the fact that they seek to turn over as many products as possible whilst keeping lean inventories. This can also be referred to as the new “supply chain standard”.

Scalable capacity, new opportunities

This new “supply chain standard” offers further opportunities for transport companies that react quickly, or preferably, instantly, to changes in demand because they have scalable cargo transport capacity.

It is easier to capitalise on these additional sources of revenue, if you have access to a flexible number of trailers through rental.  Trailer rental is a powerful trump card and source of competitive advantage relative to your larger rivals. Conversely, owning your fleet limits your responsiveness to your existing trailer capacity, type and dimensions.


The ability to increase or reduce trailer fleet numbers quickly through trailer rental enables you to participate in new revenue opportunities by “pooling”. Pooling is a process whereby shipments that would normally be transported to the same place by several incomplete trailer loads with different transport companies are consolidated into full trailer loads to be taken to the final destination. Pooling requires collaboration with retailers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centres and/or your competitors. It makes the consignment as cost-effective as possible at both consignment origin and final distribution point.

Flexibility through trailer rental

Trailer rental is a powerful and flexible solution. Buying your own trailers is a significant investment and these trailer purchases can put pressure on your company’s balance sheet, particularly as they often require additional finance. Instead, trailer rental can give you access to the best trailers and latest trailer technology without high investment costs and overheads of ownership. Among the many attractive aspects of trailer rental is the ease with which you can rent, compared to borrowing capital.

Customers choosing to rent trailers through TIP Trailer Services can take advantage of preferential rental terms within lease contracts to take on more trailers or reduce the number as demand fluctuates.

A trailer for every occasion

TIP hires out trailers for every task including curtainsider/tilt, moving/walking floor, flat, reefer, tanker, chemical, tipping powder, powder waste and many other types of trailers as well as trucks.

Outsource trailer maintenance and repair

As part of a trailer rental contract, TIP Trailer Services takes the weight off your shoulders by providing you with maintenance and repair management services. Whilst we look after the maintenance and repair of your rental trailers, we supply you with alternatives to ensure that your business continues to operate as usual.

Should one of the trailers in your rental fleet require roadside assistance on the way to Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid or any other European destination, you can count on our Europe-wide breakdown recovery service 24/7 365 days per year.

For further information on flexibility with TIP Trailer Services rental fleet, please contact us here.

It’s seasonal business as usual. Are you ready for Easter?

It’s seasonal business as usual. Are you ready for Easter?

Easter is coming! For some people Christmas and Easter are typical holidays that come as a complete surprise. The German satire from Gerhard Polt about ‘Nikolausi’ and ‘Osterhasi’ is famous for this. It tells the story about a young boy who is consistently unable to recognise the Easter-bunny, which is so typical for the season. The young boy talks to his father over and over again referring to the Osterhasi (Easter-bunny) as Nikolausi (Santa Claus) leading to fatal consequences.

Besides being a subject in Gerhald Polt’s famous German satire; Easter and Christmas have another similarity: both holidays are moments when people like to shop for nice food or presents. And everything needs to be available on-time in warehouses and shopping malls. Naturally, seasonal business has the disadvantage that it only takes place on certain dates. Therefore, logistics companies need to be prepared for each of these seasons in time.

Appropriate trailer equipment

Depending on the size of the company, additional subcontractors are hired to carry the increased cargo volume. However, sometimes the right equipment is no longer available during the busy holiday season due to the limited number of the resources. This problem applies to both small entrepreneurs as well as the large players in the industry. The closer we get to the delivery date, the harder it becomes to rent appropriate trailer equipment to deliver the gifts to stores.

Use TIP’s rental service

TIP’s services are often a solution transport companies are looking for over the busy Easter and Christmas period: extra freight space in the form of curtainsiders, box vans, reefers and tankers. TIP Trailer Services also provides additional flexible storage space: intermodal units in form of reefer swap bodies and box swaps, which take up little space and are thus perfectly suited as a variable storage space and shelter for Easter-bunny or Santa Claus – dry, clean and, if desired, cooled.

Trailer renting advantages

In addition to the well maintained rental equipment, TIP Trailer Services offers many other advantages such as a great service and a large choice of assets. Seasonal cooperation between TIP Trailer Services and the haulier offers unbeatable advantages with only one action required: a look into the events calendar and to reserve the additional loading or storage space in time. Would you like to know more about this topic? The rental experts of TIP Trailer Services are more than happy to help you. (A note from practice: the best time for any upcoming season is exactly NOW. Why? The employees of TIP Trailer Services will explain it gladly. Contact us here.


Don’t miss TIP at the Birmingham CV Show 2017

Don’t miss TIP at the Birmingham CV Show 2017
If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments in UK road transport and logistics, then attending the Commercial Vehicle Show 2017 (“The CV Show”) at the NEC Birmingham between the 25th and 27th April 2017 is essential. This is the largest show of its kind in the UK. The organisers expect visitor numbers to surpass the 20,000 delegates who enjoyed last year’s CV Show and already have over 400 exhibitors signed-up including TIP Trailer Services. Admission for visitors is free.
Every aspect of the UK transport sector will be featured including truck, trailer, van and fork lift truck manufacturers as well as services that fleet managers can benefit from. These include; insurance, logistics, tyres, telematics, fuel and lubricant suppliers together with training organisations.

Thinking of trailers.. think of TIP

Make the most of CV Show 2017 by meeting the TIP Trailer Services UK and Ireland team on Stand 5C80. We have trailers on display throughout the exhibition from curtainsiders through to tankers and other specialist products. TIP can supply you with rental and leasing products combined with maintenance services from nineteen locations throughout the UK and Ireland, with a further seventy locations throughout continental Europe.

Test the moving floor trailer

As well as making significant investments in the curtainsider, van, chassis and refrigerated fleets, TIP has been busy growing its ‘specialist trailer’ business, particularly in the ‘moving floor’ trailer sector. At this year’s show they will have a Legras FMA15 ‘general purpose’ moving floor trailer on display at the outside exhibition area, adjacent to Hall 5 (and accessible from within the show halls). In conjunction with the leading moving floor trailer manufacturer, TIP will be available to offer product expertise, together with advice regarding the rental, leasing, funding and maintenance of moving floor trailers.

The CV Show 2017 is the perfect opportunity to discuss how TIP can help you maximise the returns on your trailer fleet management in a relaxed environment.
To find out how TIP Trailer Services can add value to your trailer fleet management, please follow the link.

Zone in

There are two special zones that will be of particular interest to many visitors.
If keeping your vehicles running at maximum efficiency is important to you, do visit the Workshop zone. It will display everything from OE components and replacement parts to maintenance management systems, garage, workshop and bodyshop equipment.
For those who transport goods in a temperature-controlled environment, do drop by and visit the Cool zone. You will find refrigerated vehicle and bodywork companies, alongside the latest fridge units, monitoring equipment and other products specific to cold chain operations.

Enjoy a Tweet with your espresso

Among the innovations for 2017 are two Twitter lounges – cafes where visitors can relax over a coffee and read tweets posted using the hashtag #cvshow2017.

The Year of the Comeback

CV Show Director, Rob Skelton, said, “We’re delighted to see DAF, MAN and Iveco via Guest Trucks returning to the CV Show in 2017. Heavy trucks are a vital part of the freight and logistics industry in the UK and their presence adds a real attraction to the Show.”

New product launches

Everyone enjoys being among the first to see new products up close. The CV Show 2017 will provide its visitors with numerous opportunities to check out new launches. Exhibitors are already featuring in the press, trumpeting the products that they will unveil at the CV Show. Examples include TIP offering advice on the new Earned Recognition scheme promoted by the DVSA, which will see operators rewarded with fewer compliance checks in return for access to tachograph and maintenance data. Tachograph specialist TruTach is re-launching its tachograph analysis system TruControl as TruAnalysis, with new compliance software including TruDocument and eSignLive.

TIP opens its first workshop in Poland

TIP opens its first workshop in Poland

Dynamic Polish economy

Economists at the OECD predict that Poland’s GDP will grow at around 3% annually in 2017 and 2018. In a 2015 report published by Management Consultants McKinsey, it was stated that Poland could become the engine for European growth. After all, it was the only EU country to avoid a recession as a result of the 2008 financial crisis and is now the 8th largest EU economy.

Could Poland be the future logistics centre of Europe?

Poland is geographically well-positioned in terms of transport and logistics, perceived as a transit hub between Western and Eastern Europe. At a national level, with over 80% of tonne-kilometre volume transported by roads, the Polish government plans to build 1800 new roads by 2023, mainly national roads and expressways. Thanks to EU support, the number of high-speed roads in Poland tripled between 2004 and 2013. Poland offers a dynamic workforce and relatively low labour costs compared to its neighbours. In 2015, the Polish Ministry of Treasury stated that “Poland is becoming the logistics center of Europe”.

Eastern Europe’s largest trailer market

In October 2016, the Clear International research group predicted that Poland would be the largest Eastern European market for trailers by the end of 2016, having taken the lead from Turkey. It also forecast that the Eastern European Trailer Market will grow by 5% in 2017. (source)

Given all these factors, it is not surprising that TIP Trailer Services chose Poznań in Poland as the location for its first wholly-owned workshop in Eastern Europe.

New TIP workshop in Poznań

TIP’s new workshop is in the western part of Poznań, located very close to a motorway and the main logistics centre of the region. At our Poznań workshop, a team of high-qualified mechanics offer a range of trailer maintenance and repair services to improve the performance of your fleet and reduce the operating costs without you having to employ a lot of mechanics.

TIP opens its first workshop in Poland

What maintenance and repair services do we offer?

  • Our maintenance and repair management programmes which include: work on regulatory compliance such as MOT, compulsory tests, periodic equipment tests and auxiliary maintenance items such as reefer engines and tail lifts.
  • Our tyre maintenance services cover everything from reliable tyre availability to improved uptime and cost reductions.
  • Our roadside assistance service solution. As part of our service offerings in our Poznań workshop, we can provide you with access to our wide European network of workshops and to our breakdown recovery service which runs 24/7 365 days per year.
  • Our damage repair management service through which we can manage the administration of your damages around a simple and convenient damage repair process that includes fixed price damage repairs.

Outsource non-core daily tasks

  • You can also outsource non-core daily tasks to us such as: maintenance planning scheduling, invoice interpretation and general fleet administration. This frees up your time so you can focus on your core business.

TIP opens its first workshop in PolandLocation details TIP Poland

TIP Trailer Services Poland Sp. z o.o.ul.

Dąbrowskiego 554

60-101 Poznań, Poland

Find out how your trailer fleet can benefit from TIP’s pan-European network of workshops including Poznań, and contact TIP Poland here.


Visit TIP Nordics at Transport Scandinavia 2017

Visit TIP Nordics at Transport Scandinavia 2017

Everyone who is interested in the road transport industry in Scandinavia should visit Transport Scandinavia 2017, Scandinavia’s largest indoor transport industry show. This exhibition is held every two years in the city of Herning, nestled in the centre of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. Of course, TIP Denmark will be present here to show you our latest services such as the tanker division!


Witness trailer innovation

At Transport Scandinavia 2015, several trailer manufacturers won awards for their innovative trailer designs. These included Danish trailer manufacturer Trailerpartner which launched a new air-suspended trailer designed to transport large boats from shipyard to water. Other innovative designs shown to the public included a reefer using the latest absorption refrigeration technology and a trailer with a hydraulic slide building. Transport Scandinvia 2017 will continue the tradition of highlighting the best in trailer design and manufacturing with exhibitors including SDC Technology and HFR Trailer.


Enjoy trucking entertainment

Visitors to Transport Scandinavia 2017 will be able to enjoy exciting trucking fun. Volvo Trucks will be parading the world’s fastest truck, the Iron Knight, holder of the international speed record for reaching 1,000 m from a standing-start with a time of 21.29 seconds. Its driver ,Boije Over Brink, reached a maximum speed of 286 kph. He will be there to meet his fans.

For those truck drivers and enthusiasts who love trucking history there will be a stunning display of vehicles at the Vintage Truck Exhibition. Other attendees will appreciate mini trucking with RC Trucks – radio-controlled trucks – which they can steer through miniature construction haulage and heavy goods transport tasks.

Proud truck drivers can enter their truck into the “Show Truck Award.” Exhibition visitors and a distinguished panel of judges cast their votes to choose “the most beautiful truck in Scandinavia.”


See a broad range of exhibitors

To be held on 23-25 March 2017, Transport Scandinavia 2017 gives transport industry players the opportunity to showcase their latest vehicles, trailers, cranes and buses plus fleet management, logistics and haulage services and technology.

The 2017 show is the 14th edition. In the 2015 show, 22,068 visitors attended from 7,181 companies to see 247 exhibitors. This year, visitors will be able to benefit from longer opening hours until 20:00 hrs on Thursday 27 March, thanks to the new “Transport by Night” Initiative.


Catch up with the Big Seven

The Big Seven European truck manufacturers DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania and Volvo are all exhibiting. They will be showcasing their latest products.

For example, Renault Trucks Denmark will introduce their range of trucks designed for operators in the construction sector to the Danish market for the first time. The new range entitled the C-Series will be available in several engine sizes going from the DTI11 with 380 hp right up to the DTI13 with 520 hp.

Another Big Seven manufacturer Volvo Trucks will reveal its latest I-Shift gearbox featuring automated manual transmission with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse. It also plans to present its tandem axle lift and its Volvo Dynamic Control for dual front axles with air suspension.


Meet the TIP Trailer Services Denmark team at Transport Scandinavia

At Transport Scandinavia 2017, fleet managers can meet our TIP Trailer Services Denmark team. This is the perfect opportunity to ask our experts how TIP can help them maximise the returns on their trailer fleet management. You can also find out everything about TIP’s recently launched tanker services for the Nordics! TIP provides trailer leasing, rental, maintenance and repair as well as other value added solutions to transportation and logistics customers across Europe. We can supply you with products and services from seventy locations in Europe spread over sixteen countries.


More info about TIP Trailer Services Denmark can be found on our Danish website www.tipeurope.dk

Top 10: Europe’s most popular freight exchange platforms

Top 10: Europe’s most popular freight exchange platforms

Freight exchange platforms have changed the face of transport, freight forwarding and the logistics sector in recent years. As a result, many companies are updating their business models to make them their primary source for obtaining orders. These freight exchanges continue to grow with users able to connect cargo to transport across Europe and freight brokers able to monitor their fleet to ensure they are achieving maximum capacity (or, at least, making sure their trailers are not returning home empty).

Below you can find the Top 10 Freight exchange platforms currently operating in Europe, in alphabetical order.


123 Cargo


Established in 2001, this subscription service offers fast, simple and reliable solutions. The main advantage of this freight exchange platform is the access to a large number of transport suppliers with minimum communication costs. Once a load is posted, within a few minutes, around 500 carriers receive notification and will be able to offer their services. For carriers, the freight exchange offers the opportunity to reach a large number of customers.




CargoCore is a European provider of innovative electronic solutions for professionals in the transportation and logistics industry. They understand your business and know how to help you achieve success. CargoCore enables you to easily and quickly find offers of freights and vehicles that will increase the efficiency of your business and reduce costs so that you no longer have to drive an empty vehicle or wait to pick up cargo.


Euro Freight Exchange


The EFE (Euro Freight Exchange) is an online platform, mainly used by freight forwarders, hauliers, trade and manufacturing companies, which provides the exchange opportunities of cargo and vehicles all over Europe and beyond. It has a fresh new website including features such as regular routes, transport rates, radius search and a tracking system.

The Euro Freight Exchange is a way to reduce transportation costs, improve time management and increase competitiveness.




This free-to-use website is one of Europe’s fastest-growing load matching networks. As one of the most active European freight and haulage exchange websites, Euroloads.net saves haulage companies, transport companies and couriers millions of wasted miles and unnecessary fuel emissions for the environment.




Express-online is a new tool to connect express carriers and freight forwarders in over 30 European countries, based on identified matches between the route of the vehicles and the needs of freight. A real-time warning system alerts ordering customers of the passage of a suitable vehicle at the time required. The platform is suited to travelling carriers with a smartphone 3G function, especially within the light commercial vehicle sector. Size and features of the vehicles are pre-entered to avoid long searches or any mismatches.


Haulage Exchange


Haulage Exchange offers freight exchange for large haulage firms, freight forwarding companies or owner-drivers, with over 3,500 members and 70,000 loads per month. They also assist in subcontracting any extra freight exchange work that you can’t handle, assuring that all operators have been vetted. This service allows you to develop the full potential of your firm to reach the highest profitability.


Loads Today


Loads Today offers full truck loads from all over Europe on a daily basis in order to achieve optimum utilisation of your freight capacity. You can access the latest load offers for free, get information on your desired routes and all the latest offers via email subscription. With an online account available around the clock, you have access to all your invoices and secure payment whenever you need, without installing expensive new software.




TimoCom connects road hauliers, freight forwarders and manufacturing and trade companies, providing them with up to half a million freight and vehicles offered daily on the platform by more than 110,000 users from across Europe.




TransExpress provides modern working tools integrating the transport community. The TransExpress app has been developed to create a solution for those who work behind a wheel and actively search for tasks in the Trans.eu System, which allows easy access to over 140,000 offers.




Wtransnet was founded in 1996 as a freight and truck exchange provider. Since then, it has grown to one of the best networking platforms in the transport and logistics sector, thanks to its ability to anticipate what the market needs. The three intrinsic characteristics of Wtransnet are: constant innovation, a spirit of service and professional rigour in offering value to its customers.


Working with a digital freight platform can improve your business efficiency. So, if you need more trailers in Europe, you know how to contact TIP !















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4 reasons to visit Transpotec in Veronafiere, Italy

4 reasons to visit Transpotec in Veronafiere, Italy

A welcome return

Transpotec, the leading industry trade fair for transport and logistics, returns to Veronafiere from the 22nd to 25th of February 2017. The event, organised by Fiera Milano, offers innovative products and effective solutions in this sector for transport experts, heads of logistics, fleet owners, large-scale distribution, courier firms and owners of small businesses. It represents a unique opportunity, allowing all professionals in the supply chain to share their experiences, meet international buyers and open up new markets, as well as offering training opportunities and entertainment.

This ever-expanding, biennial event promises to be even bigger and better than the successful 2015 Transpotec, which attracted 24,107 visitors to 260 exhibitors.

“We are absolutely delighted with this edition of Transpotec – it’s a clear sign that our efforts over the past few years have been more than worthwhile,” said Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager. “Our plan has been crystal clear right from the word go. We intend to work alongside exhibitors, sharing their goals and, above all, ensure that the fair is a business opportunity that will generate new contacts, drive growth and raise awareness on the market as to potential future directions.”


Reason 1. Contacts

Transpotec is tailor-made for exhibitors to showcase their business, whatever area of the industry or size of their operation. There are opportunities to present and add value to products and services, to compare notes and discuss shared strategies with other trade professionals from the supply chain, to meet international buyers and penetrate new markets.

The exhibition is a strategic tool for promoting internationalisation: not only does it attract foreign visitors, but companies attending the show who are keen to increase their exports can meet an ever-greater number of invited potential foreign investors.


Reason 2. Innovation – see tomorrow, today!

Transpotec continues to focus on the future and features the latest innovative products and technical proposals, in terms of vehicles and business solutions. From trucks and trailers to fuel sources and security software, there will be a huge array of specialist services and consultants present.

As well as getting up to date, visitors will also be able to personally test drive the latest models of vehicles on the market as a route has been designed to offer real driving conditions and provide hands-on experience.


Reason 3. Events and learning

There will be plenty of training opportunities and updates in the form of conferences, meetings, workshops and demonstrations, organised by the top companies, experts and associations in the sector. Special events and areas will further enrich the fair:

Tracky Village – this arena is packed with business-driven events and training opportunities, from insurance services to products for vehicle maintenance and a great deal else besides.

Second-hands Vehicles Area – a direct chance to find and buy guaranteed, high-quality used vehicles at the most attractive prices.

Aftermarket Village – this new area is dedicated to truck components and accessories.

Virtual vehicles 360° – a chance to experience virtual reality and learn about the secrets of commercial and industrial vehicles.

Special awards – for journalism, communications managers, transport companies and drivers; Sustainable Truck of the Year for eco-friendly innovation and efficiency; and the Stars of the Transport Award given to the most significant, ground-breaking and virtuous performers in the industry.


Reason 4. The place

Veronafierre is a fantastic exhibition centre, with all the modern facilities you would expect, in an incredible city. It is economically beneficial to the region, bringing in an increased €1 billion investment, plus the additional employment created. Verona itself has developed a large logistics system, one of the most important in Europe, standing on a natural crossroads of two main lines of European transport, the Stockholm-Palermo and Barcelona-Kiev routes, representing the link between northern and southern Europe and between east and west.

In terms of culture, three of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Verona and the city has been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO due to its urban structure and architecture, having preserved many ancient Roman monuments and beautiful medieval churches. Nearby Lake Garda, the surrounding mountainous region and the wine trail ensures the area is popular for tourism. When you’re going to Veronafierre, you should visit Verona as well.


Visit TIP Trailers at Veronafiere

Transpotec is an occasion not to be missed; a unique experience that will enable you not only to do business and get updated on the latest technology, but also to share your enthusiasm for the world of transport with like-minded people. To find out more about how TIP Italy could benefit your business, contact the TIP team via the website or come along to Pav. 12 stand E6.1 at Transpotec 2017. We look forward to meeting you!









How to avoid unexpected trailer repair? Be Prepared.

How to avoid unexpected trailer repair? Be Prepared.

Is it possible to avoid unexpected trailer repair? It should be, as we all know that the costs of a trailer standing still at the side of the road are significant. The cargo has to be transferred to another trailer. Another driver, truck and trailer have to be employed at additional cost. The broken-down trailer has to be towed away and repaired.


Be Prepared

There are several ways of reducing the trailer fleet manager’s worries on this front. Many of them come down to that famous motto of the Scout Movement “Be Prepared”. To paraphrase the movement’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell:

“Be Prepared in Mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every [customer delivery] order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it.”


Fleet management technology

How can you Be Prepared? Part of the solution to avoid unexpected trailer repair is to invest in good fleet management technology including trailer telematics. Linking your enterprise IT system with your trailer fleet will give you a dashboard of information on trailer, truck, delivery and driver management as well as geo-positioning. Feedback from your drivers and from sensors attached to the trailers as well as servicing dates prescheduled in your trailer fleet management dashboard will help you anticipate and plan when your trailers need maintenance and possible repairs.


Trailer management programme

Another solution is to have a proper maintenance programme in place. This will reduce the likelihood of experiencing an unexpected trailer breakdown to close to nil.

A trailer needs constant care and attention. Consider outsourcing the maintenance and repair management programme to reliable, well-qualified experts, thereby reducing the fixed labour costs of running your own team of mechanics.

TIP proposes a regular scheduled trailer maintenance programme in several different formats to suit individual client requirements. This will help you foresee technical issues, keep costs under control and ensure that any trailer is repaired before being taken on the road.


Trailer repair management service

TIP also offers a trailer repair management service. The most common repairs include body components such as bumpers, pneumatic elements such as brake hand valves; rolling gear and suspensions; electrical equipment; refrigeration; liftgates; tyres and brakes.

We manage your repairs around a simple and convenient damage repair process. In addition to completing the repairs, we document, supervise and control the quality of the repair work that is carried out on your trailers. This allows you to keep a clear overview of the implemented measures to protect you against recurring damage costs. Even the invoicing of the repair services is done in a practical way: via a damage account that we administer on your behalf and which is usually settled on a quarterly basis.

Through the TIP repair management service, the fleet manager benefits from:

  • Fixed price damage repairs
  • Reporting: Clarity as to where, when and how frequently damage occurs
  • Ability to identify recurring damage items and solve the issue
  • A buffer is built up to protect against more serious damage
  • Coordination in the event of a repair
  • Lower administrative expenses

To avoid unexpected trailer repair, are you Prepared?

To find out more about TIP’s Trailer Maintenance and Repair Management services, please contact TIP here.