Celebrating 50 years of TIP 

TIP is delighted to celebrate its 50th anniversary. From humble origins in 1968, TIP Trailer Services, as it is now known, has dedicated itself to providing expert services to our customers at all stages of the trailer life cycle.

Today TIP Trailer Services range from renting trailers to specifying, sourcing and financing them.  We maintain our own fleet as well as provide the most comprehensive maintenance and repair services for entire fleets, or just one trailer, with a full menu of options for all our customers everywhere and trailermade solutions for each of them.

Thank you for your support

Bob Fast, CEO, TIP Trailer Services: “Our achievements would not have been possible without the trust and support of our loyal customers, key suppliers, business partners, shareholders and our TIP employees.

I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers from owner-drivers through to multi-national fleets, many of whom we have enjoyed strong relationships with for over 20 years. I would like to praise our suppliers for their daily support in helping us make our customers’ trailers run as smoothly as possible.

I would also like to thank our employees for their dedication and commitment to working with our customers to find them the best trailer solutions. We have created a team culture which encourages people to share their knowledge and explore and develop new ideas. This spirit is part of what makes our company a great place.

Thank you all for being our valued partners and sharing our journey to TIP’s 50th year milestone and beyond.”

TIP time travel

Our story began in 1968 as Transport Pool which specialised in trailer rental from branches in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and the UK.  We were renamed as Transport International Pool (TIP) eight years later in 1976. Recent highlights in the history of TIP Trailer Services include:

2003 – the appointment of Bob Fast as CEO

2007 – the entry of TIP into 3rd party maintenance and repair services

2013 – the acquisition of TIP by HNA, a large conglomerate, from its previous owner, GE and the consequent renaming of TIP to TIP Trailer Services.

2014 – TIP agreeing on financing and securitisation facilities and expanding them.

TIP today

TIP Trailer Services is a leading provider of road freight equipment including trailer rental, leasing, and maintenance in Europe and Canada. To give a sense of the scale of its operations, TIP’s revenue reached €448m in 2016. [Source: TIP Annual Report 2016] TIP now has the largest trailer fleet on the road with 64,000 vehicles across 80 locations and 17 countries.

Some TIP statistics

In 2016, TIP’s managed fleet covered 7,000,000,000 kilometres per year. This distance equates to a trailer travelling around the earth’s 40,075 km circumference 174,672 times!

Other interesting TIP statistics for 2016 include that:

  • TIP conducts maintenance on 104,000 trailers per year.
  • Each year we inspect more than 1,000,000 tyres.
  • TIP handles close to 2,000,000 work orders and about 250,000 internal workshop events over the year.
  • We spend €76,000,000 on parts annually.
  • TIP handles 80,000 roadside incidents per year.

TIP trailer rental and leasing

Our highly experienced and professional staff, who on average have been with TIP for seven years, will tailor our service to your individual needs. Our offer includes the leasing or rental of trailers across all trailer options ranging from flatbed and curtainsiders to tankers and reefers and others. This is supplemented by our trailer maintenance and repair services.

Through rental and leasing, fleet managers can add trailers to their fleets or reduce their number to handle fluctuations in demand with ease and without having to bear the fixed costs of ownership. These financial arrangements typically enable fleet managers to upgrade their trailers to new ones with the latest innovations, sooner than if they were owners.

As a fleet owner of over 64,000 vehicles, TIP passes on the benefits of the economies of scale it enjoys to fleet operators in the form of market-leading leasing or rental terms. TIP also has a highly experienced Remarketing team to help you sell your used trailer and truck assets.

Trailer maintenance and repair

We offer a range of services to improve our customers’ fleet performance and reduce total cost of ownership and trailer downtime. Through our 80 workshops and fleet of over 160 mobile service units across Europe, we provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for entire fleets, or just one trailer, on a one-off basis or through a contracted outsourced programme. We also run a pan-European Roadside Assistance service.

Customised solutions

The TIP customer service teams are always on hand to share the company’s 50 years of trailer experience and expertise with fleet managers to ensure that they have the best “trailermade” solution for their needs.

TIP the next 50 years!

TIP Trailer Services looks forward to continuing to be your trailer provider of choice and trusted advisor in the transportation and logistics industry over the next 50 years and beyond!

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