Choose your style of trailer maintenance

Choose your style of trailer maintenance

Maintaining trailers pays off; your trailer assets last longer and cost less to maintain. As supply chains are becoming more sophisticated and demanding, it is crucial to minimise downtime of your trailers.

Trailer maintenance comes in many shapes and sizes. In its 2015 Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer U.S. Service Study, industry analysts MacKay & Company assessed 76 million trailer service hours. They discovered that 29% of service time was dedicated to paint/bodywork; 28% to preventative maintenance; 19% to brakes; 10% to electrics; 5% to suspension; 3% to seals and bearings and 6% to all other servicing. This servicing requires planning, investment and time.

There are a variety of trailer maintenance methods available to fleet managers. They range from “pay as you go”, also known as “maintenance on demand”, to “pre-scheduled preventative maintenance” or “predictive maintenance”.

Pay as you go

Whilst we recommend preventative trailer maintenance, sometimes “pay as you go” maintenance can be the right solution for you. Perhaps you want to reduce trailer downtime and therefore decide to have it serviced at a specific geographical location on your delivery route. Your trailer might suffer a one-off mechanical problem on the road to Turin and any delay will impact the timing of your deliveries and could damage your reputation with clients.

At TIP, we are exceptionally well placed to assist you in these situations, thanks to our pan-European maintenance and breakdown recovery service. We have a network of over 70 workshops across 16 countries providing round the clock support, 365 days per year. With support provided in 18 national languages, our dedicated and experienced TIP staff will deliver roadside assistance to get your drivers back on the road as soon as possible. We guarantee low cost, fixed rates through our local vendor agreements and fixed call out charges.

Pre-scheduled preventative maintenance

Some of our clients choose TIP because of our available programmes of regular, pre-scheduled preventative maintenance visits, which are typically based on manufacturers’ specifications. It is a good solution which we offer at a pre-determined cost. It reduces unplanned repairs and downtime.

Predictive maintenance

More and more, our clients are opting for “predictive maintenance” programmes, which takes advantage of telematics. The real-time data from telematics systems in today’s trucks and trailers tells us a lot about their condition: from fuel consumption, speed driven, tyre pressure and overloads to cooling temperatures. By merging the trailer’s data with information about its mileage, age and regularly scheduled maintenance, we build a sophisticated picture of the maintenance required to avoid unforeseen issues.

For more information about TIP’s trailer maintenance programmes, please contact TIP here.

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  1. Lamint
    Lamint says:

    Many malfunctions happen with your trailer during the long time of hard using. If you want to run it smoothly everyday or keep it in a peak working condition, you must have a proper maintenance strategy. Because there are a lot of maintenance tools such as: preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, reliability-based maintenance,… so the most important thing now is choosing the right one for your own system with the most benefit. Take time to design a right maintenance schedule from now to get the colourful result in the future.


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