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TIP HQ phone numbers

TIP Global HQ

(for corporate inquiries)


TIP Global+31 (0)20 504 1600


Regional HQ's

Austria+43 (0)7243508488
Belgium+32 (0)3 541 2040
Canada+1 888 564 4444 (toll free)
Czech Republic+420 727 899 789
Denmark+45 701 073 00
Finland+35 (0)82 073 497 77
France+33 (0)1 60 76 85 20
Germany+49 40 350 88 01
Ireland+353 1 844 4144
Italy+39 026 773 5632
Netherlands+31 (0)10 288 6000
Norway+47 649 843 00
Poland+48 61 665 98 40
Romania+40 215 296 643
Spain+34 918 209 250
Sweden+46 423 855 90
United Kingdom+44 (0)161 868 2600


Find the addresses of all TIP locations here.

ADR Tanker

ADR tankers are road vehicles that can carry liquids or powder. TIP offers a wide range of stainless steel liquid tankers for purposes varying from food to chemicals.

Fuel Tanker

TIP offers specialized equipment for the transportation of different types of fuel.

Powder Tanker

Our powder tankers are equipped to transport various types of cargo, from powder type products to aggregate products.

Food Grade Tanker

A food grade tanker is a tanker that can transport food liquids.

Electric Van

The electric van is an electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCVs) for last mile delivery in urban environments. It is a sustainable vehicle, which can enter ultra-low emission city zones for greener supply chains.


Rent tractor units easily and adapt them to your requirements.

Trucks with Superstructures

We have a wide range of trucks with bodies. 

Tipper trailer

Whether in agriculture or on the construction site, the tipper trailer is a reliable asset for transporting your goods.


A curtainsider trailer is our most common type of trailer. It has flexible sides (sailes) which can be opened to load / un-load goods. It is suitable for almost all transport.

Box Trailer

A van trailer is a trailer that has solid walls in order to protect its cargo, making it a popular choice with the transport industry for transporting goods, requiring high security.


A flatbed trailer, also known as an open platform trailer, is a flat without side walls. This type of trailer is suitable for special transport of wide and long goods.

Container chassis

A container chassis is a trailer frame that can easily transport containers. In our fleet we have chassis suitable for 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.

Refrigerated trailer

A refrigerated trailer is an insulated box trailer where it is possible to control the temperature. The refrigerated trailers are suitable for temperature sensitive products, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals products.

Walking Floor Trailer

A walking floor trailer is flexible and diverse for easy loading and unloading of bulk and general cargo as well as combined loads.

Swap body curtainsider

A swap body curtainsider is an exchangeable freight container, with flexible sides (curtains), that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Swap body van

A swap body van steel is an exchangeable freight container that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Waste tanker

TIP has a wide range of waste tanker equipment to meet all of your needs.

Waste tanker combi

The waste tanker combi is suitable for sewer or gully cleaning or sewage sludge and mine disposal.

Vacuum Tanker

A vacuum truck is used for sewer cleaning with and without water treatment, gully cleaning or for suction and rinsing .