E-commerce drives trailer rental forward.

E-commerce drives trailer rental forward.

Trailer rental has always been easy to understand and to organise. In the case of an unexpected extra demand for transport, or when a trailer needed to leave the fleet for maintenance and repair, trailer rental was the easiest solution.

Trailer rental is also fast and cost-effective when you use the same supplier, like TIP Trailer Services. Once you are in the trailer rental system, it is just a matter of a phone call, email or even a WhatsApp to make sure to pick-up the trailer you need. And with over sixty pick-up points Europe, there’s always a trailer available that meets your demand.

Trailer rental market is changing

However, the trailer rental market is changing. Just like Apple changed the music industry, Booking disrupted the travel industry and Amazon turned the book selling industry upside down. Now, the transport and logistics industry is about to change as well, all thanks to the Internet. Online retailers grow rapidly and together with the growing use of mobile shoppers, this trend continues. Large online retailers like bol.com are investing highly in future e-commerce. And this will effect the use of trailer rental.

Dutch bol.com 1 million customers a day

Online warehouse bol.com offers nine million articles and is very popular with the Dutch and Belgian audience. Daily 1 million people stop and shop at bol.com. Daniel Ropers, MD at bol.com: “ To serve our clients and to manage our growth, we constantly invest in innovation. Our fast delivery makes client come back and order more. Our latest success is ‘Pick up today’. An article ordered before mid-day can be picked up at an Albert Heijn supermarket in your area. In 2017, bol.com opens a new order picking warehouse in Waalwijk, creating 1.000 new jobs for the region. And not to forget, lots of traffic for the transport industry.”

Zalando on the move

Another brand that brings more work the transport industry is Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform for women, men and children. Zalando attracts over 160 million visits per month. Zalando offers customers a one-stop convenient shopping experience with an extensive selection fashion articles including shoes, apparel and accessories, with free delivery and returns. Can you imagine how much transport this generates?

The Zalando logistics network has three centrally located fulfillment centers in Germany, for an efficient service throughout Europe. The assortment of over 1,500 international brands ranges from popular global brands, fast fashion and local brands, and is complemented by private label products. Trucks and trailers drive 24/7 to the consumers in 15 European markets: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Your secret weapon is trailer rental

E-commerce shops like Bol.com and Zalando will stimulate the need for transport, as volumes grow. Good news for the transport industry; e-commerce forces the transport industry to become more flexible than ever. Trailer pooling helps to have enough trailers on the ground when there is an extra demand. Trailer rental is your secret weapon, if you do not own a large trailer fleet and you could play ‘big-time’ at a certain moment.

Trailer rental is the solution

Reliable transport assets form a major chain that make the super fast supply chain stronger. If you get more work out of e-commerce, how can you deal with demands that are always changing? The answer here is: trailer rental. Expand your trailer fleet with 50,000 assets, all ready to transport your goods from A to Z and back from Z to anywhere your next freight is waiting.

Transporting goods has never been more fun to organise if TIP Trailer services is your business partner. We help with trailer rental and accommodate you along the journey. Are you involved in seasonal peaks or overloaded with transport demands? Contact TIP for your trailer rental solution.

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