Finding your way through top 10 of the most congested cities

Finding your way through top 10 of the most congested cities

One of the challenges of economic growth is that, whilst it generates new business opportunities for road transport companies, it attracts more people and vehicles to cities. These factors contribute to greater congestion in some cities your trailer fleet may navigate to and also highlight the importance of keeping your trailers in top condition.

Congestion and effective route planning

Delivering to customers in congested towns is part of being a successful road transport company. Having prior knowledge of congestion levels in such towns can help your drivers to take the most efficient route-planning decisions.

Top 10 Europe’s most congested cities

INRIX, experts in connected car services and transportation analytics, researched 628 European cities for its INRIX 2016 Traffic Scorecard and found that Moscow is the most congested city in Europe. Drivers spent 91 hours in traffic congestion at peak hours and over 25% of their total drive time (including peak and non-peak hours) in congestion. London is the second most congested city in Europe with 73 hours (12.7% of total drive time in congestion), followed by Paris with 65 hours (11.4%), and Istanbul 59 hours (18.6%). Ranked no 5 is the Russian town of Krasnodar, where drivers spent 56 peak hours in congestion and 24.3% of their total driving time in congestion.

Russian cities dominated the top 10 with 5 entries including Moscow, Krasnodar, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Nizhny Novgorod. Zurich and Munich were the other two members of the European top 10, placed in 6th and 9th positions respectively.

The results of another congestion survey conducted in 2016, by navigation company TomTom, over a smaller sample of 380 European cities, also featured Istanbul, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London and Paris in its top 10 most congested European cities. However, it differed in some of its findings. According to TomTom, Bucharest in Romania is the most congested city in Europe including also Marseille, Rome, Brussels and Manchester in the top 10. [source: Business Insider]

Congestion and trailer maintenance

A combination of driving slowly or idling in heavy traffic through congested areas, and cruising at sensible speeds on the motorways exerts different pressures on your trailers. You also want to avoid unexpected trailer repairs, particularly in congested urban areas. These are among the many reasons to consider having trailer maintenance and repair programme in place.

TIP trailer maintenance services

Consider outsourcing the maintenance and repair management programme to reliable, well-qualified experts such as TIP Trailer Services.

TIP provides a regular scheduled trailer maintenance programme. This will help you anticipate technical issues, keep costs under control and ensure that all trailers are fit for the road in the summer and throughout all the other seasons. This also enables you to keep your trailers and trucks in prime condition without having the overheads of employing your own in-house technicians.

The services provided by TIP’s trailer maintenance programme include servicing, repair, regulatory compliance such as MOT, compulsory tests and periodic equipment tests.

The programme also covers tyre maintenance services and access to our Europe-wide roadside assistance services solution 24/7, 365 days per year. We can manage repairs through our fixed price damage repair process. TIP can also take responsibility for much of the non-core and time-consuming elements of your fleet administration.

Benefit from the TIP maintenance experience

TIP has been providing trailer maintenance services for over 45 years. TIP has a large pool of highly-qualified technicians available to carry out the maintenance of your trailers. They have experienced every aspect of trailer maintenance and repair and are well-equipped to handle every situation. Outsourcing your trailer maintenance and repairs offers you and your drivers peace of mind as they drive across the congested cities and/or the motorways of Europe.

If you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic jam with an unexpected breakdown, contact TIP for a trailermade maintenance contract.

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