Five smart ways to recruit extra workers in transport

Five smart ways to recruit extra workers in transport

Most statistics are confident about economic growth in transport and logistics. Of course, some margins stay small, but both profit and future look bright. According to CSI, the total Transport & Logistics Industry Gross Profit grew by 6.05 % in Q2 2017 while Revenue increased by 4.88 %. (source CSI Market)

However, with the growing flexible demand for extra transports, a new problem arises: how do you manage your growth? And do you have enough qualified people available?

Renting more assets is relatively easy; you could consider making use of the rental trailer fleet of TIP which is available in sixteen European countries. Still, having more trailers on the road will require additional chauffeurs to drive each trailer and its cargo to their destination.

If flexibility in transportation is becoming a constant factor, the next step would be finding extra workers for your company. When you’re ready to hire new people; you’ll first have to find them. Here are five smart ways to start recruiting.


Networking with a bonus

‘A friend of a friend is a friend’, that also counts for your well-performing staff. Your truck drivers, fleet manager or warehouse employees, they all know the drill, the atmosphere and what’s needed for the job. Ask your employees to find someone and reward them with a nice bonus like a dinner out for two. Or two tickets for a great match to watch.


Keep your website fresh and attractive

If the above networking step starts to work, the first thing people will do is visit your website. As we all know; you can only make ONE good first impression, so make sure your site does. Have the available job positions on your website and place a few testimonials of employees at different departments. Let them tell ‘Why did they choose to work for your company?’


Advertise with your assets

Local search is alway best. To hunt for that extra man or woman in your team, you could use the power of your wheels on the road. Place your Job ad on the side and the back of your own trailers with a direct telephone number in BIG numbers. Don’t forget to take pictures of this and send these to everybody in your organisation with the request to share with friends on social networks (see step 1)


Use Facebook

The biggest social network with two billion users is Facebook. For local searches, Facebook Ads are a cheap and effective way to promote your job offer. For 5 euro per day, you could reach an average of 5-8.000 people that match with the local demographics the job requires. If you don’t have a local Facebook Page, this might be a good excuse to open one.


Recruit on specialised websites

If you are situated in a remote area, a local newspaper ad can help to reach the locals. But today, online recruiting is most effective. Here are some interesting platforms that can help you find the right person.



Dutch recruitment agency, specialised in finding professional truck drivers, warehouse and production workers. Although the website’s focus is on The Netherlands, Dutch are often open to relocating.



Offers truck driver job openings in UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands. Free job posting web site for recruiters/ employers/ companies in EU countries.



Offers driver jobs inside Germany on different logistic Hub Locations. Work with transport companies from Ireland, UK, Holland, Belgium, Danmark, Germany, France, Austria, Italy who use Germany for freight transit or tipping destinations.


Fish4 Job

Paid job platform to advertise your job in the transport sector. European coverage, but mostly English.



Paid platform with focus on UK and Ireland, with more than 5.000 jobs available for HGV Class2, LGV2, FLT, 18 Tonne HGV, VNA truck drivers.



Paid platform with jobs around the world including European driver jobs. Almost all European countries have a local website with local job offerings.


Any other suggestions and links are welcome; do share your experience in hiring new people for transportation and post a comment at the end of this article.

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