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We lease a wide range of equipment with flexible financing options, including long-term lease solutions and innovative sale and leaseback structures that add true value to your business. With our extensive fleet of trailers, tankers, specialized and other equipment, we are one of the largest transport equipment leasing companies in Europe and Canada.

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Operational lease

Operational lease is leasing with flexible terms, which can be complimented with value-added services. Operating lease is particularly effective for high-value assets, like trailers or special equipment. Lease rates are based on the value of the asset over the period you require it.

Financial lease

Financial lease allows you to acquire an asset over time rather than having to pay for it upfront. You have beneficial ownership of the equipment, which means the vehicle is shown as an asset on your balance sheet. This allows you to benefit from available depreciation and tax facilities if applicable.

Sale and lease back

Sale and leaseback is a form of leasing where you sell your purchased equipment to us, immediately leasing them back. This is useful when you need to untie the cash invested in an asset for other investments, but the asset is still needed in order to operate.

Fleet consult

TIP fleet consult offers a unique and comprehensive study that helps identify optimisation opportunities associated with the management of your fleet.


TIP offers a flexible short term equipment rental solution at a competitive rate, to fill the unexpected needs of our carrier and private fleet customers.


TIP offers a wide range of services to improve your fleet performance and reduce operating costs. We offer maintenance for all equipment types across their entire lifecycle.

Fleet consult

TIP fleet consult offers a unique and comprehensive study that helps identify optimisation opportunities associated with the management of your fleet

Roadside assistance

TIP offers an extensive breakdown recovery service for your transport equipment in Europe and North-America, with round the clock support, 365 days per year. With the availability of support in 18 languages, dedicated and our certified technicians are able to deliver roadside assistance that gets your drivers back on the road as soon as possible!

Six reasons to lease with TIP

  1. Financially attractive

When you lease with TIP you have no residual value risk, and for tax purposes you are regarded as a lessee.

  1. Dedicated Customer Service Delivery

With our world class customer service teams across Europe and North-America, you can rest assured that all of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring total operating efficiency throughout our fleet.

  1. A risk-free journey

With our damage protection service, your leased equipment is protected against additional costs resulting from damage, fire and even loss of equipment. In this way, you can focus on the transport and do not have to worry about any ‘what if’s’. With equipment from TIP, you know you have the best assets, the best service and the best coverage in case of an incident.

  1. A broad network to benefit from

We have operations in 17 countries in Europe and Canada and have a large network of over 6,000 vendors located throughout these countries. You are assured of convenience and flexibility as we have the capabilities to serve you wherever you need us. Furthermore, our business scale allows us to provide you with competitive offerings in the market.

  1. Breadth and depth of offering

We have international reach and a product and service scale that allows us to provide you with flexible solutions whenever and wherever you need it. We operate with a preventative maintenance policy to align with operational requirements. With our Roadside Assistance service, you can rely on us to provide 24/7 full support at any location you require assistance.

  1. Equipment to fit your demands

At TIP, you will be talking to experts who can help you find a solution that fits your needs. Whether you need a reefer, a curtainsider, a tilt or any type of specialized equipment, we will be able to help you and provide exactly what you need.

Where can I drop off my rented equipment?

Under the standard conditions you should drop off the equipment at the same location where you picked it up. We can make exclusions on request, but additional charges may occur. Please contact your TIP account manager in this case.

Could you send us additional information about a specific type of equipment?

Most of the information can be found on our equipment page. If you need additional information, please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What is lease?

If you want to rent a trailer, tanker or other type of equipment for more than 12 months, it will be considered as lease.

If you wish to rent for less than 12 months, please see our rental options.

Are all the equipment types on your website are available for leasing in my country?

Yes, all assets that are presented under equipment are available for leasing.

What assets types do you have in your fleet?

We have an extensive fleet of trailers, tankers and other assets. Most of our equipment is displayed here. If you submit a quote, we will assist you with your request. In case you need very specific equipment, possibly we will be able to buy this equipment new and lease it to you. Please contact us for more information.

What are the leasing conditions?

We have standard terms & conditions, they are integral part of a contract and added with every new contract. We can also send them on request.

What are the conditions for returning leased equipment?

Please check our Fair Wear & Tear Conditions.

Where can I pick up my leased equipment?

Your pickup location is stated in your lease contract. Please refer to our Location Finder for all TIP locations.

Could you provide an overview with services that are included in the leasing agreement?

For all leases of 12 month or longer, multipe service options can be selected. If you chose full service, this includes servicing, tyre replacement, axle and brake parts replacement, refrigeration unit parts replacement, other parts replacement and Roadside Assistance. Details for all maintenance elements can be found in the standard terms and conditions, which are an integral part of a contract and added to every new contract. We can also send them on request.

How long does it take to formalize a leasing agreement?

If you do not have an account in our system yet, it will take couple of steps to complete your profile. Start the process by submitting your quote.

In what countries do you provide services?

Please visit our map to find our service points near your location.

ADR Tanker

ADR tankers are road vehicles that can carry liquids or powder. TIP offers a wide range of stainless steel liquid tankers for purposes varying from food to chemicals.

Fuel Tanker

TIP offers specialized equipment for the transportation of different types of fuel.

Powder Tanker

Our powder tankers are equipped to transport various types of cargo, from powder type products to aggregate products.

Food Grade Tanker

A food grade tanker is a tanker that can transport food liquids.

Electric Van

The electric van is an electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCVs) for last mile delivery in urban environments. It is a sustainable vehicle, which can enter ultra-low emission city zones for greener supply chains.


Rent tractor units easily and adapt them to your requirements.

Trucks with Superstructures

We have a wide range of trucks with bodies. 

Tipper trailer

Whether in agriculture or on the construction site, the tipper trailer is a reliable asset for transporting your goods.


A curtainsider trailer is our most common type of trailer. It has flexible sides (sailes) which can be opened to load / un-load goods. It is suitable for almost all transport.

Box Trailer

A van trailer is a trailer that has solid walls in order to protect its cargo, making it a popular choice with the transport industry for transporting goods, requiring high security.


A flatbed trailer, also known as an open platform trailer, is a flat without side walls. This type of trailer is suitable for special transport of wide and long goods.

Container chassis

A container chassis is a trailer frame that can easily transport containers. In our fleet we have chassis suitable for 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.

Refrigerated trailer

A refrigerated trailer is an insulated box trailer where it is possible to control the temperature. The refrigerated trailers are suitable for temperature sensitive products, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals products.

Walking Floor Trailer

A walking floor trailer is flexible and diverse for easy loading and unloading of bulk and general cargo as well as combined loads.

Swap body curtainsider

A swap body curtainsider is an exchangeable freight container, with flexible sides (curtains), that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Swap body van

A swap body van steel is an exchangeable freight container that can easily be separated from the carrier.

Waste tanker

TIP has a wide range of waste tanker equipment to meet all of your needs.

Waste tanker combi

The waste tanker combi is suitable for sewer or gully cleaning or sewage sludge and mine disposal.

Vacuum Tanker

A vacuum truck is used for sewer cleaning with and without water treatment, gully cleaning or for suction and rinsing .