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Fleet consult

With more than 45 years’ experience in the trailer industry, we can help you to improve your business and stay ahead in the market. With our Fleet consult service we offer a unique and comprehensive study that helps identify optimisation opportunities associated with the management of your fleet. Our analysis is based on years of practical expertise, an important database for sector benchmarks and proven methodology. With a team of industry experts that work closely with your internal teams, we are able to achieve the desired results within a mutually agreed timeframe.

When is Fleet consult interesting for you?

Cost-related reasons:

  • High operating costs
  • Significantly varying utilisation levels
  • Increasing vehicle-damage costs
  • Unknown overall costs
  • Own workshops that work inefficiently
  • Aging fleet
  • Generally high costs

Service-related reasons:

  • Long downtimes
  • Too many suppliers
  • Lack of loyalty on the part of sub-suppliers
  • Decentralised fleet
  • Too many independent companies

Your benefits:

  • Cost savings of roughly 15% per study
  • Valuable planning towards improvement of processes
  • Recommendations for future strategies
  • Support with the implementation and controlling of your fleet