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Anatomy of our fleet management services:

Telematics Trailermatic ServiceManagement Service Delivery TeamReporting myIntelligence Portal
Retrieve vehicle location and delivery/job status

Get insight into travel route

Understand the availability of trailers

Check arrival time

Enhance fleet efficiency and utilisation

View security measures of goods and trailer

Provide value added services to relevant stakeholders such as shippers, freight forwarders etc.

A dedicated service team

A continuous process that provides insight into cost reductions and savings over time.

Regular fleet analysis Experienced service providers

Fleet overview and on-hire information

Service related documentation

Compliance and service data

Roadside Assistance reports

Invoice outline

Trailermatics interface

Trailer reservations

Key Performance Indicators

It can be accessed through a reliable and secured site: www.myIntelligence.eu

This service includes:

  • Digitalised registration certificate
  • Compulsory statutory visit report
  • Validity dates for regulatory technical inspections
  • Estimates and works carried out
  • Invoices issued, already paid or due for payment
  • Reports on any breakdown repairs made
  • Check-outs and check-ins for all rented equipment
  • Roadside Assistance reports