TIP Vehicle Inspection

Mobile web application for photographic digital reporting and efficient damage management

TIP Vehicle Inspection is the mobile web application enabling damage management in a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable manner.

From a sustainability perspective, it replaces wasteful paper-based inspections for our customers. It also decreases carbon footprint by reducing workshop visits and overall fleet downtime.

Customers also benefit from reducing their repair expenses by up to 35%, recovering cost from their hauliers by up to 75%, and preserving the marketing investment in their brands.

Inspection reports can be easily accessed via FleetRadar™. With increased transparency, repair management is simplified both locally and remotely.

Our solution is designed for Bring Your Own Device policies which makes it suitable for subcontractors and agency drivers. Additionally, Third-party assets and app users can be promptly added.

Available in 13 languages and with customisable templates, TIP Vehicle Inspection is also offered with our customer support in local languages via our support desk, TIP Insight Customer Support.