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TIP's web-based platform that oversees and displays real-time information from your trailers.

What is FleetConnected?

FleetConnected is a web-based platform that oversees and displays real-time information from your trailers. It enables interaction with drivers and visualisation of their activities. FleetConnected also includes a suite of adaptable reporting tools to assist in the remote management of a fleet, all helping to ensure your assets operate efficiently and safely.

The platform can be easily integrated with your existing software to provide additional functionality for your fleet data.



  • current location & driving direction
  • calculate routes, view mileage, speeds & ETAs


  • driving or standstill
  • axle loads


  • alerts when entering / leaving pre-defined areas
  • alerts related to scheduled arrival times


  • speed, harsh-braking
  • overloading, roll-stability


  • distance-based, activity status
  • customisable

Why use FleetConnected?

FleetConnected offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface with real-time visibility of assets, analytical tools and generally helps optimise efforts to manage fleets effectively. Functionality at the platform ranges from simple ‘track and trace’ with geo-fencing capability to on-screen performance-related alerts.

How is FleetConnected used?

By integrating FleetConnected with hardware fitted to your trailers, you can either log-in or reactively be alerted to matters concerning the whereabouts or performance of your trailer fleet. Integrating FleetConnected with TIP’s API, DataBridge, enables you to benefit from a ‘whole-fleet’ view should you have existing telematics or other fleet management systems in place already.                                                                                                     



With FleetConnected-Mobile you have all the benefits of FleetConnected but on any mobile device. This way you can stay up-to-date with your fleet at any given moment.


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