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The 360-degree fleet management solution

TIP’s new fleet management tool, FleetRadar, is here to support our customers improving efficiency and managing their entire fleet at one glance. Due to its comprehensive visibility and the full access to the assets, data and compliance documents, daily planning processes can be optimized.

Are you one of them?

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  • Create data dashboards and reports
  • View compliance details
  • Optimize service planning


Thanks to its intuitive design and smart functionalities, with FleetRadar™ we deliver a smart, effective and simple to use solution supporting lean and transparent fleet management. FleetRadar™ provides a 360-degree overview of all units on rent, lease or maintained by TIP via Contracted Maintenance and Non-Contracted Maintenance at the touch of a button.

All your data in one dashboard

All insights on current status, technical data such as dimensions, weights or bogie, maintenance schedules and compliance documentation are aggregated and delivered into a powerful dashboard, individually customizable within the portal. Each individual vehicle can be accessed by licence plate, TIP number or chassis number, providing detailed profiles of all assets, including their maintenance history and performance data.

24/7 access

The portal can be accessed 24/7 across multiple devices, PC or Mac, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices in 13 languages.

As an expert with the ability to anticipate our customers’ challenges in a disrupting industry, we meet the constantly changing market conditions with innovative services. FleetRadar is the enabler of new services in the digital era and one step on our path towards completely connecting our fleet and our customers’ transportation.

FleetRadar - At a glance

  • Available 24/7
  • Supports digitization of business processes
  • Enables fleet efficiency improvements
  • Provides visibility on all units on rent or lease and those maintained by TIP via FleetCare or PAYGO
  • See status, performance, technical, maintenance and compliance information
  • Drill down into vehicle-specific data
  • Customizable data dashboards and reports, for all users
  • Intuitive design for enhanced customer experience
  • Download and securely share data and reports
  • Accessible across multiple devices, PC/Mac/iOS/Android
  • Available in 13 languages

What information can be viewed via the portal?

FleetRadar™ clusters information into three modules: two fleet modules and one compliance modules. ‘Fleet Profile’ will allow you to view, share and download data about your entire TIP fleet. This data spans vehicle status, performance and technical data, maintenance schedules and compliance documentation. Meanwhile, the ‘On hire’ module will allow you to see the same data but for just the hired TIP units.

At a unit level, it’s possible to retrieve detailed information such as technical specifications, e.g. dimensions, weights, bogie, manufacturer or model year and check-in/check-out information.

In the compliance modules, users can see the percentage of their fleet in compliance, details of units where compliance is due or overdue, as well as download any compliance documentation from the last 15 months, such as MOT or service letters. The compliance planner is a key feature of the portal. It provides a 12-month view of compliance requirements that can be output to Outlook Calendar or iCal. Alternatively, it can be downloaded as a printable wall chart.

What dashboards can be created in the portal and how can I use them?

The FleetRadar™ interface is customizable on an individual level, allowing vast flexibility to display different information in form of specific data sets from the available modules.

‘Widgets’ allow you to determine how data is reviewed, e.g. graphs, charts, numbers, in addition to providing individual illustration choices. These widgets can then be grouped into custom dashboards to allow each individual user their own personalized view. For example, MOT technicians can choose to only view MOT data, while fleet managers can view a broader data set.

What devices can be used to access the portal?

FleetRadar™ is a Progressive Web App (PWA), so it uses state-of-the-art web capabilities to deliver a convenient app-like experience to users, whether it’s accessed via the app or a browser. It can be used on multiple devices including PC or Mac via app or browser, as well as Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. The app requires Windows 10 or iOS 12 or later.

FleetRadar™ also has offline cache visibility, allowing access to previously accessed data and documents when offline.

How will TIP use information stored in the portal?

FleetRadar™ is a tool that provides customers access to fleet data and documentation with viewing via customizable widgets and dashboards.
It does not store any personal information about users in the portal.

TIP will monitor user access and usage for development and continuous improvement.

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