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Next Release: FleetRadar™ 5 

Summer 2022

Soon, we will update all digital applications so that you can seamlessly access all your digital TIP products in a secure and comfortable way using ONE account

FleetRadar™ 5.1 - Release 26th of June

Please update your FleetRadar™ User Account from June 26th. This will be your universal account to access all TIP Insight platforms. 

Find more information here:

  • How to reset the password - video
  • How to reset the password (PDF) - download

FleetRadar™ 5.2 - Release from July 2022

We are gradually integrating FleetConnected into FleetRadar™ so that you can seamlessly access all digital TIP products. 

We will reach out to our FleetConnected Customers directly with more information.


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