More flexibility with TIP’s trailer rental fleet

More flexibility with TIP’s trailer rental fleet

The retail industry, manufacturers and their supply chains are undergoing significant changes, all of which require transport company managers to optimise flexibility in the way they run their fleets. Trailer rental offers an attractive and inherently flexible alternative way to manage a fleet.

The new “supply chain standard”

Consumers buying goods traditionally or online can now collect their purchases from shops or special delivery points including lockers or simply receive them at home.   They can also specify “same day” or “standard” delivery times. Increased customer choice made the supply chain for retailers and manufacturers a lot more complex. This is mainly due to the fact that they seek to turn over as many products as possible whilst keeping lean inventories. This can also be referred to as the new “supply chain standard”.

Scalable capacity, new opportunities

This new “supply chain standard” offers further opportunities for transport companies that react quickly, or preferably, instantly, to changes in demand because they have scalable cargo transport capacity.

It is easier to capitalise on these additional sources of revenue, if you have access to a flexible number of trailers through rental.  Trailer rental is a powerful trump card and source of competitive advantage relative to your larger rivals. Conversely, owning your fleet limits your responsiveness to your existing trailer capacity, type and dimensions.


The ability to increase or reduce trailer fleet numbers quickly through trailer rental enables you to participate in new revenue opportunities by “pooling”. Pooling is a process whereby shipments that would normally be transported to the same place by several incomplete trailer loads with different transport companies are consolidated into full trailer loads to be taken to the final destination. Pooling requires collaboration with retailers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centres and/or your competitors. It makes the consignment as cost-effective as possible at both consignment origin and final distribution point.

Flexibility through trailer rental

Trailer rental is a powerful and flexible solution. Buying your own trailers is a significant investment and these trailer purchases can put pressure on your company’s balance sheet, particularly as they often require additional finance. Instead, trailer rental can give you access to the best trailers and latest trailer technology without high investment costs and overheads of ownership. Among the many attractive aspects of trailer rental is the ease with which you can rent, compared to borrowing capital.

Customers choosing to rent trailers through TIP Trailer Services can take advantage of preferential rental terms within lease contracts to take on more trailers or reduce the number as demand fluctuates.

A trailer for every occasion

TIP hires out trailers for every task including curtainsider/tilt, moving/walking floor, flat, reefer, tanker, chemical, tipping powder, powder waste and many other types of trailers as well as trucks.

Outsource trailer maintenance and repair

As part of a trailer rental contract, TIP Trailer Services takes the weight off your shoulders by providing you with maintenance and repair management services. Whilst we look after the maintenance and repair of your rental trailers, we supply you with alternatives to ensure that your business continues to operate as usual.

Should one of the trailers in your rental fleet require roadside assistance on the way to Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid or any other European destination, you can count on our Europe-wide breakdown recovery service 24/7 365 days per year.

For further information on flexibility with TIP Trailer Services rental fleet, please contact us here.

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