Growth in Benelux road freight transport

Growth in Benelux road freight transport

The Benelux has been the main hub for international freight transport from and to the European Union for many years. Judging by positive economic forecasts, the Benelux will remain on the radar screens of fleet managers as an interesting area for new business opportunities. Those fleet managers who have access to flexible trailer solutions will enjoy a clear advantage over their competitors.

Benelux as transport hub

The seaports and airports in the Benelux countries within the EU are among the reasons why the Benelux is such a major transport hub. The Benelux seaports of Rotterdam (no. 1), Antwerp (no. 2) and Amsterdam (no. 4) are all in the top 5 seaports in the EU. The Benelux airports of Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Liège, and Brussels occupy the numbers 2, 7, 8 and 10 in the rankings of the top 10 airports for freight in the EU. The Benelux is responsible for over 75% of inland waterway transport. Over 2.4 billion tonnes of goods are transported in, from and to the Benelux, via its seaports, waterways, rail network, and airports. [source: Benelux Union]

Spotlight on the Netherlands

Research agency Panteia’s KTV short-term forecast predicts that road freight transport in the Netherlands will increase by 3.8% in 2018, generating an additional 27.8 million tonnes of freight. This higher forecast is due to favourable world economic growth, Dutch government spending policy and the Dutch per kilometre haulage tax remaining unchanged. Panteia expects an increase in the transport of building materials, chemicals, and containers. However, this expansion will bring its own challenges, chiefly recruiting more drivers to meet demand. [source: Aftersalestruck]

Economic indicators – Benelux

Economic growth is another indicator of the health of the road transport market. According to EU forecasts, the Dutch economy will grow by 2.9%, the Belgian economy by 1.8% and Luxembourg is set to enjoy an impressive 3.9% expansion, whilst the EU overall will grow by  2.3% [source: EU]

Flexible trailer solutions – the key to success

Demand fluctuation is one of the most important factors in fleet management and profitability. Consequently, the ability of fleet managers to increase or decrease their numbers of trailers rapidly, easily and cost-effectively generates a powerful business advantage.

Add trailers for spikes in demand

By renting and leasing at competitive rates from a leading trailer services company such as TIP, fleet managers can add trailers to their fleets to handle spikes in demand then simply return them during troughs in demand at short notice and without having to bear the fixed costs of ownership.

Buy and sell

Renting and leasing through TIP gives fleet managers the opportunity to easily upgrade their trailers without wasting time selling used asset and worrying about resale values.  TIP can buy specific trailer assets for your needs and, as the owner of a 50,000 unit+ fleet, can pass on the economies of scales it enjoys. Celebrating its 50th year in business with a network of industry contacts and expertise to match, TIP is also well placed to sell your used trailers and trucks on your behalf.

Outsource your trailer maintenance

Why not outsource the maintenance, servicing and repairs of your trailer fleet to a leasor or rental company such as TIP? This takes away the “headache” of recruiting, training and retaining specialised trailer mechanics and maintaining a servicing bay with the latest technology and a warehouse full of spare parts.

Trailers for every occasion

TIP offers all types of trailers on a rental or leasing basis including, flatbeds, curtainsiders, box trailers, tankers and reefers to fill short-term gaps in your fleet.  Need to fulfill a last-minute customer delivery request? TIP has the rental solution you need. For more information on how you can benefit from TIP’s flexible trailer solutions, please contact TIP using this form.

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