IAA trailer flexibility discussion: download the whitepaper

whitepaper-IAA-2016-NWDuring the IAA 2016 conference in Hannover, TIP Trailer Services organised a roundtable discussion called ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’ about trailer flexibility. ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’ was not just a ‘one-off’ topic, but the start of a series of roundtable discussions with experts from the field. Questions about ‘How to create more trailer flexibility’ and ‘How to cope with the increasing demands from consumers’ that force us all to re-think the way we work. Can we re-invent the supply chain?

So far, all stakeholders are clear on one thing; the supply chain must innovate if we want to stay in the game. What are the learnings so far and how can these help you to stay competitive? This conference was the first in a series to identify ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’ and to find solutions that work. The whitepaper unfortunately does not have ‘an easy fix’. We do have lots of ideas, proven methods and new business models to explore.

Are you curious to read how retailers, logistic providers, data scientists and TIP as equipment provider see ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’ Download the whitepaper.

Join the trailer flexibility discussion

Being able to meet the ever increasing customer expectations and meet your organisation’s objectives requires a drastic change. A change that can only be achieved by working together. If you have read the whitepaper and want to join ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’ with your company and your experience, you are most welcome!

Keep up with the future

In ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’ whitepaper we summarised the thoughts of the different speakers and conceptualised the discussions that followed. We like to thank Intermarché, Cool Logistics, FM Logistic and Routemonkey for sharing their thoughts, ideas and experience with the audience. We are looking forward to the next edition of ‘THE FLEX CHALLENGE’!


Mathijs Slangen, Head of strategy / strategic accounts

Jonathan Fath, Corporate strategy consultant


If you missed this roundtable discussion; we have good news! New roundtable events are coming up and meanwhile, you can download the complete whitepaper here.

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