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TIP Insight Support

Worry less, aim for success!

The world of telematics and digital services can be overwhelming with all its possibilities and constant updates. As TIP Insight is growing and the product and service range is increasing, it is our mission to help TIP employees to understand our offers better and to provide help if needed.

That is why TIP Insight is happy to announce that our first dedicated internal TIP Insight Support has successfully been launched as of today, April 6th!


With the help of our internal TIP Insight Support we aim to:

  • Increase efficiency by solving TIP Insight related issues and answering your questions promptly
  • Increase the knowledge about TIP Insight products
  • Decrease the time wasted allocating a person with TIP Insight knowledge
  • Give everybody the confidence to talk about TIP Insight products
  • Learn from your requests and improve TIP Insight processes
  • Ultimately increase customer satisfaction

How to contact the TIP Insight Support?

The easiest way is to raise a ticket via the IT Service Desk portal. Simply click “Get help” and choose “Insight” as Service. There are many categories you can choose from to specify your request before you tell us in your own words how we can help you.

You can access the IT Service Desk as usual from the TIP intranet page. Additionally, we added links to the IT Service Desk to our TIP Insight Site in SharePoint and the TIP Insight section on the intranet.

If your question is urgent, you can also contact our Support Experts via telephone.

How does the internal TIP Insight Support work?

If you are wondering, how our internal support mechanism works, you can check our support process flow. We make sure that one dedicated Support Expert is taking care of your ticket. In extraordinary cases, we will pass the ticket onto a specialist to make sure we support your successful TIP Insight journey the best we can.

NB: TIP Insight Support is at the moment only available internally.