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"Top 5 tips for buying a used truck or trailer"

Here are our TOP 5 TIPS to follow when buying a used truck or trailer.


"Safety of the cargo ensures stability in the supply chain"

There are plenty of preventative actions which fleet managers can take to minimise the risk of cargo thef...


"The future that is now: Green logistics and eLCVs benefits"

The road to a greener future is paved by electric light commercial vehicles! The benefits of investing in...


"Winter checklist: Top 5 tips for trailer maintenance"

Prepare your trailer for the winter season with our TOP 5 tips for trailer maintenance


"The rise of customer portals and demand for digital information"

The pandemic proved to be a communications challenge for many customers and suppliers across all business...


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"MOT: keep your vehicle roadworthy! "

Owning fleet assets requires you pass the MOT (Ministry Of Transport) inspection regularly, to verify that your vehicle is in optimal, safe and operating conditions,...


"Give your trailer a second life!"

Delivery times of new trailers are on the rise while the demand for trailers is also increasing. A great solution to this problem is the renovation of your used asse...


"European trailer market: accelerating recovery from the COVID-19 i..."

The industry was in doubt in how far the trailermarket would recover from the pandemic. However, we were positively surprised during this summer.


"Roadside Assistance: Be prepared for the unexpected"

Safety is a major concern whenever it comes to on-road transportation. Telematics-based technologies are proven to be able to prevent unexpected breakdowns.


"Telematics for greater trailer fleet sustainability"

TIP is committed to decisively take responsibility “for Generations to Come”, and to upholding the unwritten promise to the generations coming after ours.


"Outsourcing truck and trailer maintenance reduces costs"

Managing costs is vital for fleet managers. Significant savings can be made by outsourcing the maintenance of your trucks and trailers.


"Trailer telematics and temperature-sensitive transportation"

For trailer fleet managers, selecting the right reefer and telematics system is critical, especially for transporting temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuti...


"Cargo theft: Top 3 tips to avoid putting your driver and cargo at ..."

In 2019, 6,463 cargo thefts were reported in EMEA. Fortunately, shippers and their drivers can take measures to minimise the risk of cargo theft.