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DELTA PARK received PSR1 certification from TAPA

DELTA PARK Truck Secure Parking achieves highest TAPA Parking Security Requirement certification, becoming the first PSR Level 1-certified site in Europe.

Paris, 1st October 2019 - “DELTA PARK has become the very first parking in the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) PSR program to have achieved level 1” said George Wiessing of TAPA during a ceremony on September 26th. Didier Felice, Vice President of TIP for Mediterranean region received the certificate from Rein de Vries, Board member of TAPA.

Delta Park is 1km from the junction of the A1 and the A21, the busiest road hub in Europe with more than 25,000 heavy trucks passing daily. Didier Felice specifies: “Faced with the demands of our customers and associations like TAPA, we wanted to provide a solution for securing the flow of goods against theft, attacks on drivers, accidents, etc.” To accommodate this, TIP has ensured that its Delta Park site uses the latest technologies available in terms of video surveillance and access control: the secure parking has a perimeter fence with barbed wire, a 24/7 security guard, video surveillance by thermal camera and a special access control of heavy trucks and pedestrians.

”We are thrilled to have PSR1 certification from TAPA, as it was our target from the beginning to provide the best conditions of security to our clients” states Didier Felice. In addition to providing a secured parking space for drivers and their goods, TIP has built a complex of facilities for the drivers, available 24/7: free showers, free wi-fi, laundry service and snacks vending machines. A restaurant located at the entrance of the parking completes this offer of services.

Delta Park Truck Secure Parking is part of a TIP’s multi-service truck center. In case of a technical problem on the road, it is possible to visit the TIP workshop that is located onsite, as well as the pneumatic service provider Best Of Pneu from Profil+. Both services are available 24/7. “We will continue to develop our services to make sure that all trucks leaving our site are in the best mechanical condition”, concludes Didier Felice.

Press photo: Didier Felice, VP Mediteranean region of TIP receives from George Wiessing and Rein de Vries, of TAPA, the PSR certificate level 1

Press photo: Area photo of TIP’s Delta Park truck secure parking

About TIP Trailer Services

TIP Trailer Services is one of Europe’s and Canada’s leading equipment service providers. It specializes in trailer leasing, rental, maintenance and repair, as well as other value-added services, and provides these to transportation and logistics customers across Europe and Canada. Headquartered in Amsterdam, TIP services customers from 102 locations spread over 17 countries in Europe and Canada.
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About Delta Park

Delta Park is located in Dourges and provides 144 parking spaces for logistics operators looking for a secure and comfortable parking place in this high traffic area near the A1/E17.

Delta Park
Rue du Combiné
Plateforme Multimodale Delta 3
62119 DOURGES – France

Media Contacts

Charles-Henri Demoures
Marketing Director South Europe
+33 611 141 680

Marc Aandeweg
Vice President Sales & Marketing
+31 (0) 613 114 293


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