Exciting news: we are now TIP Group!

Ever since its creation in 1968, TIP has continued to evolve, grow, and diversify. We welcomed several companies into the TIP family along the years, and we have continued to diversify our offer to deliver the best services to our customers across Europe and Canada.

Since 2013 we have been using the name “TIP Trailer Services”. However, it does not represent all our business entities and activities today. Therefore, our brand name is changing to TIP Group.

“Our brand name changes to the TIP Group trademark to better illustrate our business activities, asset portfolio and geographic coverage. However, our mission remains the same: to be the trusted partner for our customers, delivering connected solutions and powering sustainable supply chains” explains Bob Fast, TIP President & CEO.

Watch our company video here:

“We are proud to open this new chapter! We started our business with renting trailers, but today we offer many more assets: of course a broad selection of trailers, but also trucks, vans, tankers, swap bodies and many more. We lease and rent the assets, but also offer many services: like Maintenance and Repair, Roadside Assistance and the sale of used equipment. Additionally, we offer a broad portfolio of digital solutions under TIP Insight and in all our business activities, we have a focus on sustainability and a better future for us and our planet. TIP Group is a good name to embrace our broad business scope.“ adds Henrike Wilkens, Global Marketing Director.

Our customers and partners will see the changes come to live in our communication and our channels:

  • Our website: a new URL and also an impressive make-over and modern look
  • Our social media channels have new names: visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube
  • “TIP Sales” is now “TIP Used Equipment” and the website address is
  • The login to FleetRadar and FleetConnect will change to a URL

You can be assured that TIP and its business activities remain the same as before! Our brand name changes to the TIP Group trademark. Our legal name remains TIP Trailer Services and as such is part of TIP Group. 

We are happy to open this new chapter with you!

For more information related to TIP Group, please directly reach out to your TIP contact.


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