TIP Trailer Services launches its global well-being program

In TIP we have a strong focus on the safety and health of our staff. People are what makes our business a success, and our people can only drive results and growth, when they are feeling healthy and safe. We believe health goes beyond physical health, and therefore we look at well-being with a pro-active approach.
Hiske Damhuis,
Chief HR Officer TIP

TIP TOP HEALTHY - our global well-being program

A strong company cannot exist without healthy employees. In our everyday lives we make choices that can make our lives healthier, happier, and more fulfilling, both at our workplace and at home. This is the primary reason that TIP is offering Tip Top Healthy; a comprehensive well-being program designed to improve our employee’s health and well-being. This program consists of global initiatives for the whole organisation but based on location, employees will be offered additional local programs. The initiatives are frequently revised to keep up with the ever-changing environment we are in.

Our Employee Assistance Program

We might be diverse, but we all have one thing in common – life challenges: everyone faces challenges that can affect the way they live and work. TIP offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide support and guidance to employees as they endeavour to balance the demands of home and work-life issues. TIP cooperates with an external company to ensure our employees have a trustworthy and impartial partner whenever they need help with the challenges in their lives.

With the Employee Assistance Program TIP employees as well as their household members have 24/7/365 access to a help centre. Here they can discuss anonymously with local counsellors and experts any issues regarding emotional well-being, family, legal, financial or other personal matters. Depending on each individual’s preference the assessment can be conducted either via phone, video conferencing or in person.

In addition, they have access to a comprehensive set of online wellness tools to help them reach their personal goals. Through the web portal they have unlimited access to a network of health coaches for help with issues like quitting smoking, losing weight, starting an exercise program and managing stress. They can also take health risk assessments where vital advice is given directly to them to improve health or find online resources regarding wellness. Specialized and relevant wellness seminars are frequently organized by experts. These can be attended for free by TIP employees. The alert section on each country’s portal provides breaking news and information on health crises, natural disasters and other regional events that can affect TIP employees and their household members.

Our Respectful Workplace Policy

One of the main drivers for everyone to enjoy their job is to find themselves in an enjoyable working atmosphere. The only way we can achieve that is if we create an environment of respect. We therefore clearly advocate a respectful workplace and do not tolerate behavior that conflicts with that. We are a UN Global Compact Employer.

Our TIP TOP HEALTHY program offers various other tools and benefits regarding well-being as well, that differ from country to country.


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