TIP celebrates 2nd anniversary of its workshop in Poland

TIP is delighted to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of its workshop in Poznań, Poland and in doing so, contribute to the dynamic growth of the country’s trailer market.

The Polish economy increased its GDP per capita by almost 150% from 1989, more than any other country in Europe. Since 1995, Poland has been the fastest-growing large economy in the world among countries at a similar level of development, outpacing Asian countries such as South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. (source: Emerging Europe)

However, whether this miracle can be sustained remains to be seen. The OECD predicts that growth will slow down gradually with Poland’s real GDP growth falling to 4% in 2019 and 3.3% in 2020. The EU is slightly less bullish in its latest forecast for the Polish economy, expecting GDP growth to decline to 3.5% in 2019 and 3.2% in 2020.

Europe’s 3rd largest trailer market

Clear International Consulting analysed European trailer sales in the EU in 2016 and discovered that Poland was Europe’s third largest market for trailers with about 21,000 units sold, just behind the UK with 25,000 units and the largest market, Germany with 33,000 units.

Poland has a native Polish trailer manufacturer Wielton which produced 10,541 units in 2016, representing 62% of Poland’s trailer manufacturing. It also exports to Russia, Italy, Lithuania and other European markets. (source: ICCT White Paper)

TIP Poland workshop

2nd anniversary of the TIP workshop in Poznań

Given Poland’s great strengths and its position as an important logistics hub between Western and Eastern Europe, TIP Trailer Services is pleased to have chosen Poznań as the location for its first wholly-owned workshop in Poland two years ago in January 2017.

From a standing start, our workshop has gone from strength to strength and is flourishing. We started by offering our existing TIP Poland trailer rental customers the possibility of an outsourced maintenance and repair programme, managed by TIP. The take-up has been excellent. We then developed our reputation locally, attracting many customers with our pay-as-you go maintenance and repair service. In parallel, we have taken steps through marketing and recommendations from our network of existing customers, vendors and subcontractors to become the maintenance partner and workshop of choice for large trailer fleets, trailer dealers and insurance companies. We are very pleased with the success of these initiatives and that the TIP workshop brand is being recognised as a leading provider of trailer and truck maintenance and repairs in the area.

TIP Poland Workshop

Our maintenance and repair services in Poland

We offer high quality services within a reasonable timeframe at a sensible cost. They include:

  • Maintenance and repair management. We plan maintenance programmes which can cover regulatory compliance such as MOT, compulsory tests, scheduled equipment tests and specialist maintenance items such as reefer and tail lifts.
  • Tyre maintenance services including monitoring, repair, replacement and a well-resourced stock of new tyres.
  • Damage repair management. We provide a simple and convenient damage repair process that includes fixed priced repairs for all trailer parts including chassis, body, brakes.
  • Reefer and tail lift servicing.
  • Access to our wider European network of workshops and breakdown recovery services 24/7 365 days per year.

Workshop team

The Poznań workshop has a team of highly-specialised mechanics that maintain and repair a range of trailers and trucks. We pride ourselves on the high levels of regular training that our mechanics undergo. We want to ensure that they are up to date with all the latest trailer and truck technologies and tools and developments from all the major manufacturers.

Workshop facilities

The workshop has six bays (four of them drive-through), two bays with inspection pits, brake and suspension testing equipment. Furthermore, we sublease two of our bays to Frigipol the reefer specialist and the spare parts store to Europart to ensure that our existing and new customers receive the best professional service.

Workshop location

Our workshop is in the western part of Poznań, very close to a motorway and the main logistics centre in the region. Its address is Dąbrowskiego 554, 60-101 Poznań. You can call our team directly on +48 61 665 98 40

TIP also has two trailer rental centres in Poland, one in Katowice Bedzin and the other in Gadki Robakowo as well as a sales office in Warsaw.

To find out how your trailer fleet can benefit from TIP Trailer Services in Poland including our Poznań workshop, please contact TIP using this form.


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