TIP’s global food bank campaign 2021: supporting those in need!

2021 saw an unprecedented increase in global hunger. According to the United Nations report, nearly 10% of everyone on Earth were undernourished in 2020. “After remaining virtually unchanged for five years, the prevalence of undernourishment increased from 8.4 to around 9.9 percent in just one year”, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation. Now more than ever, communities across the heartland are facing food insecurity.

To take part in the fight against hunger, TIP launched in 2020 a food bank campaign in Canada. One year later, TIP decided to take a step further by launching its first ever global food bank campaign in November 2021, to encourage all TIP employees, customers and stakeholders to give back to their local communities.

This campaign took place across all European and Canadian locations, for two months. The goal was to collect food and other necessary items, to support national food bank organizations in both continents. In collaboration with national organizations, FEBA and Food Banks Canada – TIP has also set up online donation pages in Europe and Canada.

It is now time to celebrate the success of this campaign!

Branches all over Europe and Canada rallied together to create an impressive display of kindness towards others. We’re overjoyed to announce that we collected over 534 bags full of food and raised over €2633 EUR ($3187 CAD) during our 2021 holiday season, supporting food banks to continue fighting hunger and food insecurity. These results reflect the core of TIP values and showcase how strong our own TIP community is when we all work together.

Our huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated and made this possible. We look forward to going even bigger this year!

If you didn’t have the opportunity to donate during the initiative, you can always make a difference when we continue this campaign later in 2022, and with online donations to the local food bank of your wishes.

We are Stronger Together, and together we can make a difference. Let’s shape a more sustainable future for us all!      


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