TIP now offers double deck trailers in the Benelux

TIP expands its fleet with the new trailer

TIP is constantly looking to expand its fleet to enable its customers to achieve their sustainability, efficiency and safety targets faster. Therefore, TIP has recently expanded its current Benelux trailer fleet with a new type of trailer, double deck trailers.

Sustainability perspective

The brand Burgers offer various advantages with their new burger trailer. The double deck trailers have a double loading floor, which creates 60% more payload, besides that the trailers are more durable than regular trailers.

The larger loading volume of the double deck makes the trailer more sustainable than standard trailers. Because more volume can be transported per trip, fewer trips are needed, and less CO2 is emitted. This also ensures a lower cost per kilometer driven.

The double deck trailers are available in a standard and a reefer version, both equipped with a multi-deck external lift.

Double deck trailers offer a tenfold transport capacity

Burgers double deck trailers are also known worldwide for their extra capacity indeed this truck allows 60% more payload 40% less CO2 emissions and a lower cost per kilometer.

The space between the axles can be used, extra space is created which is suitable for 2 floors.

The larger loading volume of the double deck trailer makes the trailer more durable than a regular trailer. A double deck trailer can carry 52 Euro pallets, compared to 34 Euro pallets in a standard trailer. For every 100 pallets transported, one trip is saved. So fewer trips are needed to transport the same number of pallets, emitting up to 40% less CO2 and saving on transport costs.

Interested in optimizing your fleet with double trailers?

If you would like to know more, contact us or request an online quote!

Please note that the double deck trailers available for hire may differ per branch. Ask in advance for the availability and specifications.


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