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“We are here to grow your business.”

We lease a wide range of equipment with flexible financing options, including long-term lease solutions and innovative sale and leaseback structures that add true value to your business. With our extensive fleet of trailers, tankers, specialized and other equipment, we are one of the largest transport equipment leasing companies in Europe and Canada.

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Operational lease

Operational lease is leasing with flexible terms, which can be complimented with value-added services. Operating lease is particularly effective for high-value assets, like trailers or special equipment. Lease rates are based on the value of the asset over the period you require it.

Sale and lease back

Sale and leaseback is a form of leasing where you sell your purchased equipment to us, immediately leasing them back. This is useful when you need to untie the cash invested in an asset for other investments, but the asset is still needed in order to operate.

Financial lease

Financial lease allows you to acquire an asset over time rather than having to pay for it upfront. You have beneficial ownership of the equipment, which means the vehicle is shown as an asset on your balance sheet. This allows you to benefit from available depreciation and tax facilities if applicable.

Fleet consult

TIP fleet consult offers a unique and comprehensive study that helps identify optimisation opportunities associated with the management of your fleet.





TIP offers a flexible short term equipment rental solution at a competitive rate, to fill the unexpected needs of our carrier and private fleet customers.