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In memoriam Gerard Hoogendoorn

Mr. Gerard Hoogendoorn, born in 1936, was one of the founding fathers of TIP Trailer Services. He passed away at the age of 84 on January 4th 2021.

Gerard was one of the first employees when TIP was created in 1968. Starting his career with only a few hundred trailers to rent, Gerard helped to grow our fleet and commercial offer significantly. Gerard will be remembered as our Technical Director with an immense knowledge of both equipment and the trailer  industry. Gerard was respected by his colleagues as well as trailer manufacturers, and was thought of as an authority on the technical aspects of trailers.

Rogier Laan, Vice President of TIP Benelux remembers “Gerard was an innovative technical thinker, no challenge was too big for him. For example, he designed a reefer trailer, fit for 43 Danish Flower Containers, which didn’t exist until then. Furthermore, Gerard anticipated on future legislation changes. He ordered 13.20m long trailers, before the legislation passed. This enabled our business to offer larger volume trailers to our customers (from 12.60 to 13.20m) on the date of legislation change and he did the same when the legislation changed from 13.20m to 13.60m.”

Gerard also created  the TRTA (Technical Road Transport Association), a technical association representing the interests of large trailer fleet owners. Before Gerard’s initiative, an association of this kind had not previously existed and he was made the first Chairman. Impressively, the TRTA will celebrate its 40 years of existence in 2022.

Gerard worked for TIP until his retirement. He leaves his footprint within our organization and our sympathy and condolences go out to his loved ones.


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