When outsourcing trailer maintenance makes sense

When outsourcing trailer maintenance makes sense

Are you ready to outsource the maintenance of your trailers? Do you have the ability and need to handle maintenance in-house? Would it make more sense for you to outsource trailer maintenance, freeing you up to concentrate on greater value-adding activities?

There are many factors to consider when deciding if outsourcing trailer maintenance is right for your fleet;


Cost is a significant factor in many fleet managers’ minds. In its April 2016 report on “Gearing up for growth – future perspectives on the global truck industry” management consultants at McKinsey estimate that maintenance forms approximately 10% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running a fleet of medium-sized and heavy duty trucks. Costs relating to maintenance, operations, personnel and administration account for over 80% of the TCO. Understanding your current maintenance costs will help you assess how much you can save by outsourcing.

In most cases outsourcing trailer maintenance is more cost-effective than keeping it in-house, because it eliminates the fixed overheads of technicians, their training, the latest diagnostic and repair equipment and frees up capital rather than having it tied-up in a warehouse of spare parts.

Keeping up with technology

Another factor is the increasing complexity of the trailer and truck technology. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) contribute to make truck driving safer and less stressful today.

ADAS include traction control; ABS brakes; electronic stability control; adaptive cruise control and telematics, which can perform a whole range of useful tasks remotely. These tasks include monitoring the wear and tear on parts and assessing when a servicing appointment is required or the remote control of functions such as reefer temperatures or tyre pressures. Through sensors attached throughout trailers, telematics can track trailers’ whereabouts and lock and unlock doors remotely.

However, maintaining and repairing these technologies requires well-trained, high-quality technicians. Outsourcing trailer maintenance means that the fleet manager can enjoy access to a pool of experienced technicians with up-to-date skills. The fleet manager does not have to worry about recruiting the right technicians, training and retaining them as well as all the costs that this involves.


For some fleet managers, the flexibility of outsourced trailer maintenance is an interesting factor. The trailer maintenance outsourcer can provide both a network of workshops across a wide geographical area and mobile maintenance and repair facilities operating 24-7 365 days per year. This ensures that trailer downtime is minimised. To meet fluctuations in demand, a transport company can rent additional trailers and not worry about having to recruit extra staff in-house to cope with fluctuating pressure on maintenance. Flexibility can also mean different levels of fixed maintenance and repair tariffs which help fleet managers forecast and manage their costs.

Focus on areas that add most value to your business

A well-designed and established outsourced trailer maintenance partnership with a market leader like TIP will free up more time for the fleet manager to spend on more business-critical activities like customer service or business development. An outsourced trailer maintenance partnership can cover maintenance, repair and take over most of the administration that surrounds these processes. This gives fleet managers more time to concentrate on what they do best.

Outsource your trailer maintenance to TIP

TIP Trailer Services is a highly experienced provider of trailer maintenance and repair programmes. Its programmes offer cost savings, flexibility and access to a large team of well-qualified technicians trained in all the latest technologies operating from a network of over 70 workshops across Europe and Canada. 

For more information about TIP’s Trailer Maintenance programmes, please contact us via this form.

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  1. Arthur DeMarco
    Arthur DeMarco says:

    Outsourcing maintenance for your trailer sounds like a great idea. It saves you both money and time. For someone who doesn’t know much about repair mechanics, it sounds even better, this way I won’t accidentally make things worse.


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