What is Santa Claus bringing in his trailers this year?

Truck drivers throughout Europe will inevitably be thinking about Christmas. What will be the most popular presents they’ll be transporting this year?

As they cruise past homes featuring lavishly decorated trees and dazzling outdoor LED-powered Santa’s, truck drivers throughout Europe will inevitably be thinking about Christmas.  What will be the most popular presents they’ll be transporting on behalf of Father Christmas this year?

Top 5 Christmas gifts?

What will the Top 5 Christmas gifts be? The sheer volume of media coverage reveals which gifts are in greatest demand.  Our top prediction for young girls is “Wonder Woman,” be it Lego or fancy dress costume.  Technology gifts are always a Christmas winner, so our second gift slot goes to FitBit-style watches. Perfect for fitness fiends, these track your activity, encouraging you to exercise and transforming house cleaning or a walk to a restaurant into athletic events. Still, with technology and fitness, many people may find themselves receiving electric bicycles, which are now much lighter and more affordable than before.  Social media has turned food into fashion, so food and cooking-themed gifts are becoming ever more popular. As climate change appears to be altering our weather patterns, the environment and sustainability are rising up the agenda, so our final choice is for green-thumbed presents, from seeds to gardening books.

Growing consumer Christmas spending

The Christmas retail predictions point to good news for the transport industry.  Adobe Digital Insights November 2017 survey on Christmas retail trends tells us, for example, that the average Briton will spend £1,963 (€2214) on groceries, celebrations, decorations, and gifts this Christmas, up by 12.5% from £1,745 (€2233) last year. UK shoppers are big spenders, ahead of France (€498) and Germany (€565).  So expect your trailers to be full of festive gifts and food.

More Christmas shopping online

According to the Adobe survey, Britons will be carrying out over half (53%) their Christmas spend online. As a comparison, French shoppers will be making 46% of their purchases online. A similar percentage of respondents in both countries (21%) and (18%) respectively said that they would be increasing their online shopping this year. [French statistics source: Adobe]

E-commerce market still growing

The Centre for Retail Research (CRR) expects total e-commerce online sales in Western Europe and Poland to increase to £230.62 bn [€265.68 bn] in 2017, a rise of 14.2% over the previous year. Further growth of 13.8% in 2018 should mean that online sales reach £262.46 bn [€302.37 bn].

The e-commerce opportunity for transporters

When e-commerce grows, the transport market grows.  This is both an opportunity and a challenge for road transport companies.  Clearly, it is an opportunity because more parcels to distribute equals more business for the logistics industry. Conversely, it is a challenge in that volumes are difficult to predict. Christmas is a one-off annual peak shopping event. Flexibility is king in the transport industry.

Trailer rental for spikes in demand

Trailer rental enables transporters to respond to extra demand at Christmas or whenever it spikes.  If you do not own a large trailer fleet, trailer rental is your golden ticket. By renting trailers when you need them you can easily compete with your larger competitors without being burdened with their ongoing fleet ownership overheads.

With our 70,000 strong trailer rental fleet, TIP Trailer Services is the perfect partner to help you smoothly navigate the constantly changing volumes of e-commerce.  Not only with Christmas, but throughout the year.

Make Christmas delivery easy with flexible trailer rental solutions from TIP Trailer Services

Contact TIP Trailer Services for your flexible trailer rental solution enabling you to run an efficient and more profitable fleet management operation across the peaks and troughs of demand.

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