It’s seasonal business as usual. Are you ready for Easter?

It’s seasonal business as usual. Are you ready for Easter?

Easter is coming! For some people Christmas and Easter are typical holidays that come as a complete surprise. The German satire from Gerhard Polt about ‘Nikolausi’ and ‘Osterhasi’ is famous for this. It tells the story about a young boy who is consistently unable to recognise the Easter-bunny, which is so typical for the season. The young boy talks to his father over and over again referring to the Osterhasi (Easter-bunny) as Nikolausi (Santa Claus) leading to fatal consequences.

Besides being a subject in Gerhald Polt’s famous German satire; Easter and Christmas have another similarity: both holidays are moments when people like to shop for nice food or presents. And everything needs to be available on-time in warehouses and shopping malls. Naturally, seasonal business has the disadvantage that it only takes place on certain dates. Therefore, logistics companies need to be prepared for each of these seasons in time.

Appropriate trailer equipment

Depending on the size of the company, additional subcontractors are hired to carry the increased cargo volume. However, sometimes the right equipment is no longer available during the busy holiday season due to the limited number of the resources. This problem applies to both small entrepreneurs as well as the large players in the industry. The closer we get to the delivery date, the harder it becomes to rent appropriate trailer equipment to deliver the gifts to stores.

Use TIP’s rental service

TIP’s services are often a solution transport companies are looking for over the busy Easter and Christmas period: extra freight space in the form of curtainsiders, box vans, reefers and tankers. TIP Trailer Services also provides additional flexible storage space: intermodal units in form of reefer swap bodies and box swaps, which take up little space and are thus perfectly suited as a variable storage space and shelter for Easter-bunny or Santa Claus – dry, clean and, if desired, cooled.

Trailer renting advantages

In addition to the well maintained rental equipment, TIP Trailer Services offers many other advantages such as a great service and a large choice of assets. Seasonal cooperation between TIP Trailer Services and the haulier offers unbeatable advantages with only one action required: a look into the events calendar and to reserve the additional loading or storage space in time. Would you like to know more about this topic? The rental experts of TIP Trailer Services are more than happy to help you. (A note from practice: the best time for any upcoming season is exactly NOW. Why? The employees of TIP Trailer Services will explain it gladly. Contact us here.


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