Selling your used semi-trailers successfully


The European market for used semi-trailers and trucks is buoyant and thriving. Do you have the right experience to generate maximum value from the sale of your used semi-trailer assets?  TIP Trailer Services can help you sell your pre-owned semi-trailers and trucks.

Used semi-trailer assets – the challenges

Many fleet managers are keen to modernise and expand their semi-trailer fleets but are held back by an inventory of used semi-trailer assets. As with all semi-trailers, used semi-trailer assets require maintenance and investment to keep them on the road and take up considerable space in the yard. These are significant issues if the used semi-trailers are carrying loads on a less regular basis. The key challenge for fleet managers is how to dispose of used semi-trailer assets in a time-efficient manner and not be distracted from their core business of day-to-day trailer fleet management.


If you decide to sell your second-hand semi-trailer assets yourself, there are additional considerations:

  • Valuation: you will have to value your semi-trailer assets at a realistic market price so that they sell and give you a sensible return. Do you have this market knowledge in-house?
  • Preparation for sales: do you have a team of highly-experienced semi-trailer mechanics available to ensure that your used semi-trailer assets are in prime condition for sale?
  • Marketing: how are you going to promote the sale of your semi-trailer or truck? Do you have an extensive network of possible buyers? What are the best ways of communicating with possible purchasers?
  • Time: there is no telling how long it might take you to achieve a sale. How much time will you need to prepare your assets for sale, promote them, handle test-drives, inspections, conduct sales negotiations and deliver them?
  • Opportunity cost: is your used semi-trailer taking up space that could be more profitably utilised for a new semi-trailer, undertaking more journeys, more effectively?

The healthy used vehicle market

The European market for used commercial road freight vehicles is robust if the example of the French market is anything to go by. French publication Decision Atelier reported that the market for second-hand heavy goods vehicles had grown in 2017 by 54,300 registrations, up 6% on the year before.

What buyers of used semi-trailers are looking for

What will buyers of used semi-trailers be watching out for? Fleet Equipment Magazine recently shared some useful insights. They include buyers:

  • Communicating their used semi-trailer needs to their semi-trailer dealer to find out if they have any suitable vehicles in stock
  • Conducting a thorough physical inspection of each semi-trailer. Among the key areas to pay attention to are: tyres, wheel ends, brakes, suspensions, flooring, upper couplers and semi-trailer electrical systems including lights.
  • Asking for the service history of the semi-trailer. The recommendation includes requesting the preventative maintenance schedule history, the repair history and the maintenance and repairs performed by their semi-trailer dealer.

Fleet Equipment Magazine says that “Well-maintained semi-trailers offer productive lifespans that reach into 10 to 15 years. If you’re looking to add several seven-year-old semi-trailers to your fleet, you can expect that they’d have at least a three-year lifespan before their operational costs grow beyond their value.”

TIP Trailer Sales Team

At TIP, we have over 50 years of sales experience. We sell 7,000 used vehicles annually and have over 3,000 happy customers.

The TIP Semi-trailer sales team is uniquely qualified to help you sell your used semi-trailers and trucks, whether you are keen to upgrade to buy new assets or have decided that rental or leasing would be a more cost-effective way of running a flexible semi-trailer fleet rather than purchasing semi-trailers and trucks outright.

Accompanying you through the full sales process

We can accompany you through all the steps of the sales process. We begin with an assessment of your semi-trailers or trucks, advising on whether any modification or refurbishment is required to maximise their market value. To ensure that your semi-trailers are in top condition for sale, you can take advantage of our maintenance and repair services including refurbishment from our 50+ workshops around EU.

We can then market the sale of your vehicle(s) through advertising, promotion, and communication to an extensive international database of clients and prospects and handle all the sales enquiries. We may already have customers who want to buy your specific type of pre-owned semi-trailer or truck and have asked us to search for them.

International reach, local knowledge

Our highly-experienced semi-trailer sales team can work across borders to help you sell your semi-trailer assets, using TIP’s local knowledge of European countries and markets. TIP Trailer Services can assist you with the various transport solutions to ensure, once sold, your semi-trailer arrives at its final destination – whether it’s within the same country or intended for export.

Semi-trailers and trucks on sale

The types of vehicles we sell include:

  • Curtainsiders –Coil, Fixed Roof, Sliding Roof, Lifting with Sliding Roof
  • Reefers – Standard, Double Stock, Meat Rail, Meat Rails 2 Sets
  • Vans– Standard, Garment, Double deck
  • Tankers – Chemical, Milk
  • Swapbody – Curtainsider, Van, Tilt

Selling your assets

Selling used semi-trailers requires expertise, market knowledge and time. Whether you are looking to sell a single semi-trailer or thinking of renewing your fleet, our team can assist you in the sale of your semi-trailers: from inspection, preparation for sales, marketing and conducting sales negotiations.  Experts from our TIP Semi-trailer Sales Team can take care of selling your assets while you concentrate on your core business.

For more information about TIP Trailer Sales, please browse our  TIP Sales specific website for initial information. You can also contact us for more detail using this form.

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