Summer is coming. Is your trailer ready for the traffic?


Summer is here and as usual, there will be significantly more traffic on European roads. A little bit of detective work can help your trailer fleet avoid the more congested cities. Keeping your trailers in mint condition will minimise unexpected trailer breakdowns in traffic jams.

Increasing traffic

Traffic seems destined to keep growing. The World Economic Forum calculates that there are now 1 billion vehicles on the road globally, a number that could grow by 600 million by 2025. By 2050, it could rise as high as 4 billion. (source: Politico.EU). The UK government forecasts that traffic on England’s roads could increase by up to 55% by 2040. (source: ITSInternational)

Congestion and effective route planning

Delivering to customers in congested towns is part of being a successful road transport company. Having prior knowledge of congestion levels in such towns can help your drivers take the most efficient route planning decisions.

Europe’s most congested cities

INRIX, experts in connected car services and transportation analytics, researched 628 European cities for its INRIX 2017 Traffic Scorecard and found that Moscow is the most congested in Europe. Drivers spent 91 hours in traffic congestion at peak hours and 26% of their total drive time including peak and non-peak hours in congestion.  London is second in the list of Europe’s most congested cities with 74 hours (13% of total drive time in congestion), followed by Paris with 69 hours (13%), and Istanbul 59 hours (19%). The UK ranked in the top ten most congested countries in the world, the third most congested European country after Russia and Turkey.

Some improvements

Inrix notes that, in the UK, Scottish cities have made progress from 2016 with Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Edinburgh reducing peak hours in congestion by 20%, 15%, and 10% respectively. Similarly, in Germany, Heilbronn saw a 19% decrease from 45 to 38 hours per driver per year, taking it from second place in 2016 to seventh place in the 2017 German rankings. Munich remains the most congested Germany city (source: Inrix)

Traffic congestion solutions

French publication discusses some classic solutions. It reports that traffic congestion in the Ile-de-France area which includes Paris and its surroundings had risen dramatically in 2017. The solutions it proposes included improving public transport, installing more toll roads, encouraging remote working and car-sharing.

Congestion charges

ANew York Times article entitled “There are better ways to get around town” praised the innovative street designs of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Stockholm, It also discussed the road congestion charges levied by London in 2003 and Stockholm three years later, with the aim of reducing traffic in their inner cities.

Asking drivers to pay an additional amount to the cost of tolls on already congested toll routes is one approach that the European Parliament is considering as a way of improving traffic flow on busy roads. (source: Cardisiac)

Smart lamppost revolution

An EU smart cities programme, Sharing Cities, is installing “smart lampposts” in six European cities including London, Lisbon, and Milan. These smart lampposts can collect information about parking availability. Sharing Cities believes this could be an “ingenious way” of reducing air pollution and road congestion. (source:

Trailer Maintenance ahead of peak summer traffic

Whilst trailer fleet operators cannot influence congestion on the roads, you can at least take control of your trailers that may get absorbed in peak summer traffic jams, by having a trailer maintenance programme in place. This will minimise the likelihood of experiencing an unexpected trailer breakdown.

A trailer needs constant care and attention.  Consider outsourcing the maintenance and repair management programme to reliable, well-qualified experts such as TIP Trailer Services.

TIP proposes a regularly scheduled trailer maintenance programme.  This will help you anticipate technical issues, keep costs under control and ensure that all trailers are fit for the road in the summer and throughout all the other seasons.

Key trailer maintenance services

The services provided by TIP’s trailer maintenance programme include servicing, repair, regulatory compliance such as MOT, compulsory tests and periodic equipment tests.

The programme also covers tyre maintenance services and access to our Europe-wide roadside assistance services solution 24/7, 365 days per year.  We can manage repairs through our fixed price damage repair process. TIP can also take responsibility for much of the non-core and time-consuming elements of your fleet administration.

Are you ready for the summer?

We are! Through our trailer maintenance programme, at TIP, we have a large pool of highly-qualified technicians available to conduct the maintenance of your trailers offering you peace of mind as you plan your staff holidays and prepare your trailer fleet for business over the summer. To find out more about TIP’s Trailer Maintenance and Repair Management services, please contact TIP via this form.


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