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Creating a more transparent, efficient and safe transportation ecosystem

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TIP Insight is our range of telematics-based digital and connected services that takes trailer telematics to the next level. If you would like to know the whereabouts of your trailers but also to report on their ‘health’, then TIP Insight, can help.


TIP Insight consists of a device fitted to a trailer, optional sensors and a user-friendly platform to provide information for the user.

Functionality ranges from simple ‘track and trace’, with geofencing capability, to on-screen performance-related information and alerts concerning anything from the performance of the braking system and the opening of rear doors to the pressure of the tyres and the temperature of a refrigeration unit.


  • Simple ‘track and trace’ functionality to track trailer movements
  • Monitor brake performance & tyre pressures 
  • Monitor refrigeration unit temperatures & door ‘open / close’ status
  • Simple-to-use, intuitive platform with alerts & customisable reporting
  • Connect to other fleet management / telematics systems for whole-fleet view


Click on the tabs below for more information on the elements that make up the TIP Insight range of solutions.


Download our TIP Insight brochure here.