The demand for transporting goods keeps on growing

trailer-rental-demand-The demand for transporting goods keeps on growing

According to a survey by analytics firm comScore in June 2016, in Europe 65% of internet users have shopped online and, for the first time, this year has seen over 50% of goods purchased online in the US. Naturally, this has led to an increasing demand for transportation and therefore more trailer fleet flexibility.

The challenge is to deliver the goods quickly, as the expectation in general has grown to the point where two-day, or even next day, delivery is becoming the norm. A survey done by Voxware in December 2016 showed that delivery expectations had increased by 84% over the last two years. To respond to the changing demand, trailer rental may be the solution for you and your business. No matter what size your enterprise currently is, TIP provides a range of services for transportation and logistics customers including trailer leasing, trailer rental, trailer maintenance and trailer repair.


Flexibility is key

Using their proven industry knowledge and professionalism, TIP is committed to apply its expertise to offer the best solutions for its customers. Always looking at the bigger picture, TIP is prepared to meet the industry’s changing needs with tailored products and services, providing the flexibility customers require to best suit their needs. Flexibility is key and TIP understands that your trailer rental requirements may vary, which is why TIP has a range of competitive rental and leasing solutions for all. Trailers can be rented on a spot-hire basis right through to long-term contract lease, all regularly serviced and professionally maintained. TIP also offers a pan-European breakdown service with round-the-clock support, 365 days per year in 18 languages to ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible.


Trailer availability

“We keep on finding out that there are still major deficits in the market especially when it comes to the flexibility of the fleet make-up. Mostly due to a lack of availability (also a lack of usable trailers due to irregular maintenance and repair), incorrect specifications, costs that are too high, or bad timing in making requests,” said Oliver Bange, TIP’s Managing Director for the Central Region.

“This is exactly where TIP’s all-round, customer-oriented concept steps in: we know that these are exactly the factors that are extremely important for our customers, especially for short-term rentals. And that’s what we do at TIP: no matter how many vehicles they need for however long, customers get what they ask for delivered to ‘their’ depot on reasonable terms and on time,” Bange concludes.


The cost of trailer rental

Trailer rental is a cost-effective solution for any transport company to take on more volume. Hiring an additional trailer only makes sense if you have more volume to transport. For this reason, trailer rental with TIP is the perfect way to handle your planned or unplanned peaks. TIP has more than 50,000 trailers in its transport fleet. With the flexible rental options from TIP, your extra trailer can be on its way the same day.


Never say never again

If you are suddenly confronted with an unexpected order and large demand, you no longer have to turn business away. TIP has, for many years, been the solution for transporters who never say “no” to more volume and an extra job. If you have the cargo, TIP has the trailers to transport it! With over 70 branches in 16 countries throughout Europe, TIP has trailers ready for you to use. To find out more about trailer rental, contact TIP.



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