TIP 50 years; a logistic history of innovation and change. Part 2

TIP 50 years; a logistic history of innovation and change. Part 2

From its founding 50 years ago, TIP has always been an early adopter of innovation. TIP constantly researches and pioneers the use of new technologies to ensure that its customers benefit from the very latest developments.

TIP: a history of innovation

We have been at the forefront of innovation in many areas including:

  • Intermodal freight transport, where we participated in industry initiatives to further develop standard-sized containers for intermodal freight transport.
  • Telematics and digitization where TIP both devised and now markets the leading trailer telematics solution, Trailermatics.
  • Trailer tyres. TIP delivers a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) which enables fleet managers and drivers to monitor tyre pressures remotely and in real -time through telematics. A rim-fitted sensor measures the tyre pressure, temperature, and position. In addition, TIP is a member of the European Union-sponsored LORRY project, launched in 2013 to create a low rolling resistance tyre combined with telematics.
  • Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring Systems (EBPMS) where our expertise is highly sought after. For example, in 2014, the UK government’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) asked TIP to contribute to a working group to create a UK specification for EBPMS.
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance; Price-Per-Kilometre (PPK) contracts and Transportation – Capability Assessment Net (T-Can) tools where we have delivered solutions which incorporate the use of cutting-edge technology to give our customers industry-leading services.
  • Apps for inspection trailers and trucks; In 2014 a smartphone app for trailer fleet operators to create inspection reports online with photo, search, share, and compare features was launched by TIP.


Future technologies

TIP’s Research & Development teams are researching the innovations and new technology which are dominating the headlines today and will have a significant impact on our industry going forward.

These innovations include:

  • Artificial intelligence that controls the electronics and engines of current and semi-/autonomous trucks.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) that uses technology to connect different smart devices to each other to drive interesting applications. For example, sensors on trailers can send a signal to the fleet manager or driver on their smartphones to tell them that there has been a breach of security on a container.
  • Hybrid and electric motors are increasingly likely to become adapted powertrains for trucks in the medium term.
  • Autonomous trucks. Truck manufacturers are developing “autonomous” self-driving trucks without drivers. There are also semi-autonomous trucks which include a driver whose role is to manage the system and retake control in an emergency or to drive the freight to its delivery destination, once the truck has split from the platoon.
  • Truck platooning is a convoy of typically two to three semi-autonomous trucks, wirelessly-connected and all closely following one another. Acceleration, braking, and steering across all trucks in the platoon is controlled by the lead vehicle.
  • The Blockchain is a digital ledger that registers crypto-currency transactions. In August 2017, for example, Freightwaves reported that container shipping companies were starting to take a “blockchain-based approach” using a digital currency called “Ethereum”  to pay for transactions.
  • Trailer pooling and sharing is a concept in which, for example, a company rents a trailer from warehouse A and leaves it to be unloaded at delivery point B, then exchanges this one for a different trailer type for another delivery. Trailer sharing is also something to consider. By sharing trailers with other fleets, fleets can benefit from the efficiencies of trailer pooling. The more assets they have at different locations, the more flexible the operations will be for all partners.

TIP: an early adopter of innovation

TIP takes a proactive approach to participating in the transport industry’s next waves of innovation and is committed to being an early adopter of innovation.

Going electric

A strong illustration of this “early-adopter” mindset is TIP Trailer Services France’s approach to electric Commercial Light Vehicles (eCLVs). It has championed the cause of electric vehicles since early 2017 and now offers its fleet customers the opportunity of renting or leasing eLCVs.

TIP: ready for the next 50 years and beyond

Our industry has experienced both historical highs after the fall of the Berlin Wall and challenging downturns. Regardless of the prevailing economic circumstances, TIP’s dedication to service and innovation has remained unyielding. In good and bad times, we have always been here for our customers. They have rewarded us by trusting us with the largest trailer fleet on the road, comprising some 64,000 vehicles across 80 locations and 17 countries.

At TIP, we are already looking forward to supporting our customers to the highest standards for the next 50 years and beyond, through change and innovation! For more information on how you can enjoy the latest innovations in trailer services, please contact your local TIP Trailer Services manager using this form.

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