TIP expands workshop in Padborg

800 square meter workshop in Padborg

Padborg is the main hub for transport in and out of Denmark.

With its location, it is a crucial link to the rest of Europe and the business opportunities in Padborg are many. For that reason, TIP has decided to extend the Padborg Workshop with five lanes, where one will be prepared for light fiber work. The workshop will be expanded with 800 m2 and will besides the extra lanes also include modern facilities such as a new canteen, new changing facilities and a new warehouse.

Padborg has great potential

Christian Petersen, CEO for TIP Trailer Services Nordic, explains: “The potential in Padborg is very big and the number of trucks passing the Padborg border towards Denmark is increasing. It is therefore a crucial area for trailer maintenance in Denmark. With the extension of the workshop in Padborg, we increase the much needed workshop capacity in the area”. ”Our fleet is growing rapidly and the workshop is already utilized 100% with two shifts. Therefore the new extension will ensure, we have capacity to keep the service and repair in house and at the same time optimize the functionality in the old part of the workshop. We expect the extension will be ready in the first quarter of 2018”.

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