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TIP Insight

With TIP Insight, your will always have your fleet in sight!

TIP Insight has been created with the only mission to make fleets more competitive through advanced
knowledge, real-time tracking, and data-based evaluation driving to smarter decisions.

To enable this, TIP helps fleets transition to the next level of safe, efficient, and smart eco-system operations through advanced telematics. 

We are offering customers a user-friendly and advanced solution, that will empower the efficiency of their businesses with real-time visibility, analytics tools, and strive to an optimised fleet management.
Together, we are delivering the next generation of connected and digital mobility solutions for a smarter transport industry.


What is FleetConnected?

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FleetConnceted is a web-based platform that oversees and displays real-time information from trucks, drivers, trailers, and business partners. It enables interaction with drivers and the visualization of their activities.

FleetConnected also offers historical views and reporting. The platform can be easily integrated into other software and reporting tools, which guarantees further processing of your fleet data.

Why use FleetConnected?

The platform, FleetConnected, provides customers with an intuitive, user-friendly interface offering real-time visibility of their assets, analytical tools and generally helps optimise efforts to manage their fleet effectively. Functionality at the platform ranges from simple ‘track and trace’ with geo-fencing capability to on-screen performance-related alerts.

How to use FleetConnected?

By integrating FleetConnected with vehicle peripherals (e.g. temperature sensors) and connecting it with other office software, the platform ensures a consistent management of all your trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders.

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