TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP Trailer Services is pleased to announce that it is partnering with La Méridionale to provide a maintenance and repair service at the Port of Marseille. La Méridionale is the leading maritime freight management company between Marseille and Corsica, where it sails to ports including Ajaccio, Bastia and Propriano, and between Marseille and Sardinia.

La Méridionale: the freight management leader

La Méridionale’s three vessels make more than 1,000 crossings per year and transport over 56,000 commercial vehicles including trucks and trailers. La Méridionale is part of STEF, already a TIP customer, which is one of the largest transport companies in France with annual revenues of €2.8bn.

An easy-to-use quayside maintenance and repair service

TIP provides a mobile maintenance and repair service on the quayside at the Port of Marseille for all of La Méridionale’s customers before boarding one of their ships or after disembarking. The service has been designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to book their trailers in for maintenance and repair. The driver simply needs to call +33 4 42 15 96 81 to book a time slot and TIP will organise the scheduling, maintenance and repair as well as billing process.

The types of services available

La Méridionale’s customers can benefit from TIP Trailer Services’ specialist expertise and long-standing experience of trailer maintenance and repairs covering:

  • Bodywork and accessories including small bodywork issues on vans and reefers; cuts to the tarpaulin; the replacement of straps for taut liners, bumpers, stoppers and flaps.
  • Electricity including lights, plugs and water-proof casings.
  • Pneumatic systems and suspension including brake handles; flexibles; valves; axle suspensions; the inflation, repair or replacement of tyres.
  • Replacement of stands, skids and cranks.

TIP launches partnership with La Méridionale in Port de Marseille

TIP Trailer Services unit at Marseille Harbour: a welcome sight and source of trailer solutions

The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit operates from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays at the Port of Marseille. The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit was in place and ready to operate at the port the day after the contract was signed in late March 2017. By the end of the first day of operation, TIP had already repaired its first trailer on the quayside. The TIP Trailer Services mobile unit is fast becoming a welcome sight and source of trailer solutions for drivers working on the Marseille to Corsica and Sardinia routes!

Why TIP?

At TIP Trailer Services, we have been maintaining trailers for more than 45 years. Our fully qualified and certified technicians operate from our many European workshops and mobile service units such as the one at the Port of Marseille to provide a flexible service and peace of mind. We offer a range of trailer maintenance and repair services including fixed cost, pre-scheduled programmes to improve the performance and reduce the operating costs of your trailer fleet without you having to employ a battalion of mechanics.

In addition, we can provide a roadside assistance services solution, giving you access to our Europe-wide breakdown recovery service 24/7, 365 days per year. We can also assist you with your fleet administration by managing time-consuming tasks on your behalf ranging from maintenance planning and scheduling, invoice management through to general fleet administration.

For more information on how TIP Trailer Services can help you as a fleet manager with outsourced services such as repair and maintenance or trailer leasing, to enable you to focus more on the areas of fleet management that add the most value to your business, please contact TIP.



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