TIP opens its first workshop in Poland

TIP opens its first workshop in Poland

Dynamic Polish economy

Economists at the OECD predict that Poland’s GDP will grow at around 3% annually in 2017 and 2018. In a 2015 report published by Management Consultants McKinsey, it was stated that Poland could become the engine for European growth. After all, it was the only EU country to avoid a recession as a result of the 2008 financial crisis and is now the 8th largest EU economy.

Could Poland be the future logistics centre of Europe?

Poland is geographically well-positioned in terms of transport and logistics, perceived as a transit hub between Western and Eastern Europe. At a national level, with over 80% of tonne-kilometre volume transported by roads, the Polish government plans to build 1800 new roads by 2023, mainly national roads and expressways. Thanks to EU support, the number of high-speed roads in Poland tripled between 2004 and 2013. Poland offers a dynamic workforce and relatively low labour costs compared to its neighbours. In 2015, the Polish Ministry of Treasury stated that “Poland is becoming the logistics center of Europe”.

Eastern Europe’s largest trailer market

In October 2016, the Clear International research group predicted that Poland would be the largest Eastern European market for trailers by the end of 2016, having taken the lead from Turkey. It also forecast that the Eastern European Trailer Market will grow by 5% in 2017. (source)

Given all these factors, it is not surprising that TIP Trailer Services chose Poznań in Poland as the location for its first wholly-owned workshop in Eastern Europe.

New TIP workshop in Poznań

TIP’s new workshop is in the western part of Poznań, located very close to a motorway and the main logistics centre of the region. At our Poznań workshop, a team of high-qualified mechanics offer a range of trailer maintenance and repair services to improve the performance of your fleet and reduce the operating costs without you having to employ a lot of mechanics.

TIP opens its first workshop in Poland

What maintenance and repair services do we offer?

  • Our maintenance and repair management programmes which include: work on regulatory compliance such as MOT, compulsory tests, periodic equipment tests and auxiliary maintenance items such as reefer engines and tail lifts.
  • Our tyre maintenance services cover everything from reliable tyre availability to improved uptime and cost reductions.
  • Our roadside assistance service solution. As part of our service offerings in our Poznań workshop, we can provide you with access to our wide European network of workshops and to our breakdown recovery service which runs 24/7 365 days per year.
  • Our damage repair management service through which we can manage the administration of your damages around a simple and convenient damage repair process that includes fixed price damage repairs.

Outsource non-core daily tasks

  • You can also outsource non-core daily tasks to us such as: maintenance planning scheduling, invoice interpretation and general fleet administration. This frees up your time so you can focus on your core business.

TIP opens its first workshop in PolandLocation details TIP Poland

TIP Trailer Services Poland Sp. z o.o.ul.

Dąbrowskiego 554

60-101 Poznań, Poland

Find out how your trailer fleet can benefit from TIP’s pan-European network of workshops including Poznań, and contact TIP Poland here.


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