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Getting mangoes, salmon or ready-made meals to your dinner table or drugs to your pharmacy require refrigerated transport. The business of transporting perishable goods is booming worldwide.  Do you have refrigerated trailers or “reefers” in your fleet to take advantage of this opportunity?


Cold Chain Market growth

The global Cold Chain Market, also known as the market for refrigerated storage and transport, is significant. Researchers Marketsandmarkets estimate the market to be worth US$ 203.14 billion in 2018 and project it to reach US$ 293.27 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.6%. They attribute this growth potential to multiple factors including the increase in international trade for perishable goods, advances in refrigerated storage and transport technology, government support for the development of infrastructure required for the cold chain industry and an increase in consumer demand for perishable goods. [source: Marketsandmarkets]

report by Persistence Market Research takes a similar view. It adds that, in several parts of the world, rising urbanization coupled with growing middle-class populations are fuelling demand for safe temperature-controlled transport of food as time-poor, dual-earning families opt for ready-made meals rather than freshly prepared ones.


Popular cold chain categories

TheMarketsandmarketsreport notes that the frozen products segment accounted for the largest share in the Cold Chain Market in terms of value in 2017. A wide range of products including ice cream, meat, and seafood need to be stored at freezing temperatures to preserve their flavour, texture and nutritional value.

The largest category in the frozen cold chain market in 2018 will be “dairy and frozen desserts.” This is because they require constant temperature control and vigilance to prevent exposure to dust and sunlight during transport and storage.  The transport of dairy products is also on the rise, thanks to the Chinese government recommending the health benefits of milk consumption in peoples’ daily diets.

Moreover, the refrigerated transport sector in Europe and North America is thriving, partly on the back of improved technology in refrigerated trucks, vans, trailer and maritime reefer containers. [source: Marketsandmarkets]


Reefer innovation

Reefer technology is constantly progressing with new telematics applications being a key driver influencing refrigerated trailer innovation. For example, Thermo King, a US manufacturer of transport temperature control technology, recently unveiled a “connected” trailer refrigeration unit which enables drivers using Bluetooth in-cab or in-yard to manage cargo temperatures, monitor the reefer and respond to alerts.  [source: TTNews]

Reefer trailer manufacturers are reviewing the materials that the trailers are made of. This includes investigating the possibility of using non-metallic materials for the trailer walls, more efficient types of foam insulation and the greater use of aerospace-like composites. Also under analysis are increased implementation of electric transport refrigeration units and solar panel-generated electricity to support trailer accessory loads. These developments will all contribute to cost and fuel savings and superior reefer reliability. [source: TruckingInfo]


Sales growth of trailers

2018 report by Persistence Market Research predicts that the European refrigerated trailer market, which was worth $US 2.329 billion in 2017, will expand at a rate of 5.1 percent annually until 2021. The report says that fleets operate refrigerated trailers for a period of about 3-5 years and sell them on. They then purchase new ones to benefit from the latest technologies and operational cost efficiencies.


Reefer or refrigerated container rental or leasing

TIP offers flexible reefer or refrigerated container trailer rental and leasing solutions at competitive rates to support your fleet as it increases its share of the Cold Chain Market. Our highly trained technicians across our network of workshop locations throughout Europe maintain all our rental reefers and refrigerated containers trailers to the highest standards.

Among the reefers that we can provide are:

Dual compartment

  • A dual compartment reefer splits a container into two variable-sized compartments with different temperature requirements. It can alternately cool one compartment and freeze the other or, if required, refrigerate one compartment and heat the other. The container can also provide the same temperatures across both compartments.

Double stock

  • The double stock or double-decker loading system enables seamless loading on two adjustable-height levels. As a result, you can transport up to 66 Euro pallets instead of a maximum of 33.

Multi-temp & double stock

  • The multi-temp & double stock reefers combine the seamless loading benefits of a double stock loading system with the ability to section off several areas at different temperature levels.

Flower spec

  • The fragility and high value of plants and flowers in pots or bouquets, and plants make them a challenge to transport. So TIP offers a reefer that is specific for transporting flowers. The reefer’s structure keeps the specialised dollies carrying the stacks of flower firmly in place when travelling. For some types of flowers and plants, an independent hot air ventilation system in the floor can be activated.

Meat rail

  • Carrying meat from abattoirs to meat cutting and processing plants requires specialist reefers. Loads are hung from the ceiling using specific systems with different hanging rails for each type of meat. The reefer manufacturers reinforce the roofs to ensure that they can bear the loads suspended from them, which can often exceed 22 tonnes.


A standard reefer that keeps the entire container load at a single temperature is perfect for the needs of many of our customers.


Keeping reefers on the road

We can also provide you with maintenance and repair for your reefers and refrigerated containers.  We are vendor neutral but have all the expertise and specialised workshop tools, diagnostic equipment and technology to help you keep your reefers and refrigerated containers in top condition to maximise their time on the road. For more information on how TIP can help you keep your customers’ perishable goods cool and on course for punctual delivery, please contact us using this form.

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