TIP’s innovative charge into electric vehicles

TIP’s innovative charge into electric vehicles

To ensure that its customers have access to the best trailer and trucks to meet the urban logistics challenges of the future, TIP Trailer Services continues its tradition for innovation with research into electric vehicles. This includes a trial of electric vans by TIP in France.

Urban logistics of the future

Electric vehicles will be at the heart of the solutions for urban logistics issues that industry, politicians, town-planners and analysts are forecasting. The UN believes that by 2030 there will be 41 mega cities worldwide. A mega city is a metropolitan area with a population in excess of 10m people. These mega cities include Moscow, London, Paris and the Rhine-Ruhr area in Europe. [source: UN]

In a 2015 report, analysts Frost & Sullivan predicted that by 2025, 3 out of 5 people will be living in cities or mega cities. The mega cities, in particular, will require tailor-made logistics planning. With a significant increase in consumers purchasing online, the analysts expect there to be 500 million individual deliveries per day. This will necessitate a move towards building supply chains with warehouses and delivery spokes closer to city centres to cope with increased pressure on “last mile” deliveries as shipments in cities become more frequent. Logistics companies will introduce hybrid or fully electric vehicle fleets to respond to increasing environmental concerns and will benefit from economic incentives from governments to provide sustainable freight deliveries.

Reducing CO2 emissions

The rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the concerns about the potentially harmful effects of nitrogen oxide in diesel fuel and carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from defective exhaust emissions are major issues for Europe. Among several initiatives that the European Commission has launched to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is the FREVUE project. FREVUE supports the introduction of electric freight vehicles to demonstrate and evaluate innovative urban logistics solutions in eight of Europe’s largest cities including Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Rotterdam and Stockholm. It aims to achieve “essentially CO2 free city logistics in major urban centres by 2030” and argues that achieving this throughelectric vehicles (EVs) will simultaneously eliminate other harmful pollutants in city centres.

France: European electric vehicle pioneer

In 2016, France recorded the highest number of sales of 100% electric vehicles in Europe with 27,307 vehicles sold. [Source: Avere-France] France is also by far the largest market for electric vans in the EU and makes up nearly half the EU total. The success of electric van sales owes much to a French government-sponsored purchase incentive scheme, which French companies have embraced. [Source: transportenvironment.org]

TIP and eLCVs

With France pioneering the adoption of eLCVs, it was natural for TIP Trailer Services in France to conduct research into eLCVs. TIP discovered that electric vehicles are relatively simple mechanically with their motors consisting of less than 10 moving parts compared to a few thousand for combustion vehicles.

TIP evaluated the BD Auto, the only eLCV panel van currently available on the market. BD Auto is manufacturing electric LCV’s in the 3.5t-4.5t category, using a Ducato-platform from Fiat which delivers a maximum speed of 90 km/h. It promises a range of 200km per full battery charge, with the charge taking anything from 45 minutes to 8 hours depending on the power of the charging unit. The BD Auto eLCV panel van is available in 3.5 tonne or 4.25 tonne gross vehicle weight versions with a load volume of 11 ranging from 11m3 to 17 m3 with payloads of up to 1500 kg.

First TIP customer eLCV test

In March 2017, TIP Trailer Services tested the BD Auto eLCV over two weeks in Orléans, a town 111 km southwest of Paris, with DPD France, a long established customer. DPD drove an average of 40km per day in the city centre and was delighted with the test.

TIP view on eLCVs

As Mr. Didier Felice, Vice President Mediterranean Region at TIP Trailer Services, told Supply Chain magazine in March 2017: “Many of our clients have already expressed their interest for this type of vehicle. Indeed, the more demanding anti-pollution measures, the energy transition laws, the government initiatives in favour of sustainable logistics … are all factors which will force transporters to use environmentally-friendly vehicles. Parcel and express delivery companies are already preparing themselves. This is why, as a provider of commercial transport solutions, we need to have an offer that corresponds to this evolution in the market. We believe that our electric vehicle is a real alternative for driving freely in the city centre and making last-mile deliveries without constraints.”

TIP looks forward to providing its customer fleets with eLCVs available with different financing options including leasing and rental as well as a range of maintenance and repair programmes.

Are you ready for an eLCV from TIP?

To find out more about TIP and eLCVs, please contact your local TIP Trailer Services manager using this form.

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