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TIP provides a broad range of leasing solutions for your equipment. In fact, with one of the largest fleets, we are one of Europe’s largest transport equipment leasing companies. Our leasing solutions will provide you with many benefits, especially if you need an asset for part of its economic life. As your leasing company, TIP can purchase each asset specifically for you. Under our leasing agreement, you pay lease rates over an agreed period of time. Although you never own the asset, you have full use of it during the lease period.

TIP has more than 50,000 units in our transport equipment fleet, but if you can’t find the particular asset type you are looking for or require more information, please contact us. We will be happy to provide details of other assets available to meet your needs

Below you can find our different leasing solutions available:


Operating lease

Operating lease is off balance sheet leasing, with flexible terms, which can be complimented with value-added services. Operating lease is particularly effective for high-value assets, like trucks and trailers or specialised assets you need to support a specific contract. Lease rates are based on the value of the asset over the period you require it. As a result, you can link lease rates directly to the revenue your asset generates.

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Finance lease

Does your company lack the scale and expertise to reduce cost of ownership or suffer as a result of a challenging banking environment? The finance lease solution offered by our banking partners is the best way forward.

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Sale and lease back

When you choose sale and lease back from TIP, you will benefit from our years of expertise in the industry. We will buy your assets at a fair market price and lease these assets back to you for a fixed monthly lease rate, freeing up your invested capital and optimising your capital position.

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connect your trailer

Our expert lease solutions

Drive your fleet the best way forward

Maybe you want to lease or rent a Krone trailer?

This is the technical description of the Krone Profi-liner trailer that has a Award winning Multi Lock side rave as standard. This side rave includes load securing positions every 100 mm. Load securing can even be done diagonally to the driving direction with more than 3000 strapping positions. TIP offers this cost-effective and with the best benefits solution together with our partner Krone.

Any load can be transported and perfectly secured with the new Award winning Multi Lock- / Multi Blocksystem. Your loads will be perfectly secured.

TIP delivery and maintenance of Krone Profi-liner trailer

More technical details of a Krone Profi-liner trailer such as Fuel Saving – side covering (long version); the Multi Lock side rave including load securing positions every 100 mm. Alloy cant rail, continuous, for support of sliding curtain and posts, sliding roof, height 125 mm, Roof also movable to the front and rear; Diagonal roof spanning; 4 sets of wooden planks, 2 mechanically operated landing legs, 2 x 12 tonnes capacity, half round compensating feet.

Alloy Front wall has solid corner posts; lateral restricted through loading; Front wall is reinforced with plywood inner skin; retainer for curtain cord

Of course, trailer maintenance is important and the low-maintenance axles with air suspension and disc brakes (430 mm) help to reduce the maintenance costs; raise/ lower valve incl. auto reset valve; Rims centre nave, tyres: 4 x 385/65 R 22.5, brand: Michelin XM216

Technical specifications of Krone Profi-liner trailer

Alloy container rear doors including bolted steel frame, integrated double door looks and concealed door hinges; roof header hinged and movable without wheel covering, with Fuel Saver – side covering. The spare wheel carrier is an option that your TIP account manager can help you with.

The Krone Profi-liner trailer has a EC braking system including vehicle stabilising system; Aluminium air tank; low-maintenance automatic; spring-loaded hand brake; 2S/2M EBS system, 2 sensors on each axle with RSS, diagnostics on ISO 7638 socket (EBS), 3 pairs of side posts, symmetrical, plank pockets for posts.

Don’t forget the Delta shaped rubber profiles at rear; delta steel buffers at rear; load security certificate according EN 12642 Code XL and symmetrical EasyTarp – Side curtain with pneumatic quick release fastener; Roof curtain white

24 volts lighting system with 2 x 7-pin socket DIN ISO 1185/3731; front and rear marker lights; with two multi-function rear lights acc. to EC incl. rear fog light and reversing lights; 2 contouring lights with rubber arm in LED; side marker lights in LED.

Rent or lease a Krone Profi-liner trailer

Steel parts shot blasted, with KL primer and high-quality surface coating (standard painting single-colour); axles incl. wheel hubs painted black; underrun protection and light panel powder coated white for safety rea- sons; wheels silver with high-quality paint finish; reflective outline marking according to ECE-R48 30 / 21 mm thick, phenolic coated plywood floor, cut surfaces fully water- proofed and sealed. Strength acc.to DIN 283; for floor loadings up to 5,460 kg stacker-truck axle load.

Now the above is just an example of a Krone Profi-liner trailer that TIP can acquire for you and maintain it with one of our maintenance programs. TIP Trailer Services finds and delivers a trailormade solution for your business. Contact us using this form and we’ll get your new asset on the road!

Lease or rent a Schmitz Cargo Bull trailer chassis

The trailer chassis of Schmitz CargoBull and their industrial manufacturing guarantees you a high-quality and long-lasting container chassis which fulfils every requirement for any situation. The Schmitz CargoBull engineers are constantly striving to find further potential ways of reducing the life cycle costs. TIP Trailer Services delivers any type of trailer chassis for leasing or rental.

You can choose for a modular solution for your trailer chassis: TIP will collect your transport needs and make a proposal with a range of high- quality brand components from the manufacturers, combined with Schmitz CargoBull own in-house developments. In this way you understand what we mean with ‘trailormade’; it’s a modular system allowing numerous different product and equipment variants.

TIP delivery and maintenance of trailer chassis

We can also propose you weight-reduced and payload- optimised vehicles. These are the result of a research and development process focusing on customer requirements for durable and highly profitable transport solutions. As you might know, a minimum load equivalent to 25% of the vehicle’s weight on the tractor-unit drive axle is not only an EU regulation but also improves trailer road handling.

The Schmitz Cargobull sliding bogie saves time and reduces important costs when transporting 20’ containers weighing up to 30 t. The wheelbase of this type of trailer chassis that you can lease or rent with TIP, is semi-automatically reduced for loading to ensure that the tail end of the container sits flush with the ramp. When driving, the wheelbase increases again, positioning the container in the middle and optimally distributing the axle loads.

Schmitz Cargobull chassis for every type of standard sea container

The dynamic Axle Load Program (ALP)* serves a similar function when transport- ing 20’ containers on the gooseneck chassis with rear extension (S.CF EURO, MX, LX). Specifically increasing the bellows pressure in the first chassis axle moves the load’s centre of gravity. This significantly improves the fifth wheel load.

TIP Trailer Services offers you Schmitz Cargobull chassis for every type of standard sea container. From 20’ to 2 x 20’ and 30’ up to 40’ and 45’ – you can always find the right transport solution among TIP’s wide range of vehicles.

The GOOSENECK chassis S.CF 45’ GS with SLIDING BOGIE demonstrates the various loading options.


  • Containers are transported in the centre position with a wheelbase of 7,580 mm.
  • The fifth wheel load in the driving position is approximately 10 t when transporting a 20’ container with a weight of 30 t.
  • 40’containers are transported with a 7,580 mm wheelbase, two 20’ containers with a 7,580 mm or 8,150 mm wheelbase, depending on the weight.
  • 30’and45’ containers are transported with a 8,150 mm wheelbase.

TIP services all Schmitz Cargobull trailer chassis

The Schmitz Cargobull S.CF 45’ container chassis with SLIDING BOGIE adapts to transport requirements for sea containers ranging from 20’ to 45’, and consistently complies with the EU Directive 96/53 EN for long- distance transport, in particular.

The SLIDING BOGIE positions 20’ sea containers weighing up to 30 t centrally while driving, and flush with the ramp during loading and unloading.

Three selectable axle spacings increase driving safety and enable compliance with the legal regulations for fifth wheel load on the tractor’s drive axle.

The simplified handling of the S.CF 40’with SLIDING BOGIE for containers up to 40’ is ideal for the rental business. This simplified handling with only two selectable axle spacings prevents opera- tor errors and shortens the adjustment times when handling 20’ containers.